Strategies to Increase Sales Online: What Google My Business Can Do

What Google My Business Can Do to Increase Sales In 2023

What Google My Business Can Do to Increase Sales In 2023

Many businesses create a Google business listing to boost their company visibility on Google (known officially as a Business Profile). You might not be aware if you are one of this business. Creating a business profile does not give you authority over it. You need to be able to manage and change your business profile if you want it to be a helpful SEO and lead generation tool for your business. You have to also know the right way to increase your sales.

Google my business is an online digital marketing that gives you the fastest route to be discovered in a google search result and Google Maps. A local business owner should put google my business on top of their marketing strategies as it is cost-effective. This free online marketing technique will help the particular customer know which and where to find your business location.

Strategy to Increase Sales 1: Create A Business Profile to Increase Visibility

Creating a business profile will help your business’s visibility across Google services. The data from your google business profile is going to appear in Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Shopping. All businesses that operate Physically and interact with customers have the chance to apply a google business profile. 

Besides that, companies offering in-person services, such as a plumber, can also make a Google business profile. For the online-only business, you can choose other google tools such as google ads and Analytics.

Creating a business profile is the same way a location is added to Google Maps, which anybody can do (including a total stranger or an automated listing generator). It is just as simple as adding your company name, location, and category to Google. Google will construct the business profile for the place once they are sure it is not a duplicate. 

In the business profile, customers can post reviews, images, queries, and answers to any questions. The business profile will add Google’s data from various websites.

Strategy to Increase Sales 2: Manage The Information for Your Online Business

From the google My Business profile, you can manage and change company hours, contact information, and other crucial information.

Besides that, anytime necessary, you can update your profile to make any announcement about your business, such as service expansion, temporary closures, or full reopening. It is a handy feature during emergencies like COVID-19. Google Business Profiles have effective local SEO. The data from the local business will rank above external websites.

Strategy to Increase Sales 3: Create Trust with Online Customer Reviews

Customer reviews and ratings will build credibility and trust in your business. It is a crucial component of social proof and a practical approach. Thanks to Google’s combination, customers can contribute information about their interactions with your company. 

Besides that, they can use star ratings and space for in-depth evaluations. The reviews will help the other customer decide whether to purchase or use your service.

The reviews sometimes can be good and the other around. Having the review appear on the public platform can be a nightmare since you cannot choose which thoughts to submit. The business owner got nothing to worry about since google finds the mix of positive and negative comments trustworthy.

Strategy to Increase Sales 4: Interact With Customers Online

There are many ways a customer can interact with you through social media. As a business owner, you can respond to them using your Google My Business account. A business owner can answer queries, activate direct messaging, respond to reviews, and set up related notifications through the reserve. Feel free to use Google My Business to upload any related content to your business profile.

Strategy to Increase Sales 5: Google My Business for SEO

Google My Business is used to enhance your profile and broaden your reach, just as you (or your agency) would use a content management system like WordPress to improve your website for search engines. The photo you have uploaded to your business profile will be prioritised according to the segment by google. Google will differentiate it according to the most famous searched by the consumer and the information provided on the platform. 

Moreover, google will help you to underline keywords from your content that seem essential. However, your profile must have content to prioritise and keywords to emphasise before anything else.

Increase Sales with Steps to Creating a Google Business Profile

Step 1: Signed in to Google Business Profile Manager

Please go to the Google Business Profile Manager if you have already signed into a Google account. If not, log in with your usual Google credentials or register a new Google account.

Step 2: Include Your Company

Enter the name of your company, pick a category that fits your company, and click Next. If it does not appear in the drop-down choices, click Add your business to Google.

Step 3: Indicate Where You Are

For the business that has a physical location to visit, click the yes button. You could be prompted to place a marker on a map to indicate the location. Then include your company’s address. Be specific about your in-person service area; if you do not have a physical site to walk in. Then press Next.

Step 4: Enter Your Contact Details

Add your company’s phone number and website URL for the customer to reach. You are not required to submit a phone number if you do not want to be contacted by phone. Click Next once your information is complete.

Step 5: Confirm About Your Agency

  • Fill in your home address. Do not worry, as this information is to validate your company, and it will not be shown to your viewer. 
  • Add your mailing address to confirm your business. The purpose of the email address is to identify businesses in the service sector. To confirm the location, physical companies must receive a postcard in the mail. Click Next after entering your address.
  • A confirmation screen indicating your verification will appear. Click Next on that screen.

Step 6: Customise Your Profile

  • Update how you prefer the chatting methods, images, company details, and opening and closing times. After this one, we’ll go into further detail on optimising your profile’s content.
  • Click Continue when you are prepared. From Business Profile Manager dashboard, you can manage your business profile, view insights, manage reviews and messages, and create Google ads.

Increase Your Sales Online with Cleverus Today!

Every local business owner needs to use this opportunity to reach more buyers through the Google My Business platform. If you, as an entrepreneur, ignore these digital media marketing benefits is going to be a big waste.

On the other hand, conquer your competition in 90 days with effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies from Cleverus. Let Cleverus help you to increase your online sales!  Contact us on our main line at +603 9054 3113 or email us at [email protected] if you have any inquiries!


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