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Before beginning a search engine optimization (SEO) project, it is important to understand the process involved in an effective SEO campaign. Cleverus caters to clients who require an intensive, full-service approach to search engine marketing.


Keyword density tells you how often a search term appears in a text in relation to the total number of words it contains


On-page optimization refers to all measures that can be taken directly within the website in order to improve its position


In the field of SEO, link building describes actions aimed at increasing the number and quality of inbound links to a webpage


Our SEO review consists of several factors like a content, linking structure, social media efforts, and its trust on the internet

Our Happy Clients

Our Happy Clients

Why Your Website Can’t Rank

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Guaranteed SEO Results… is there a catch?

Some people say that you should never believe in a SEO company that provides ‘SEO Guarantee’..

Nah! It is true that we can’t control the the Google and we can’t promise you that your website will be on the first page of Google by tomorrow (unless you pay the ads to Google).

However, it doesn’t mean that we should push all the risk to our customers, and just say sorry after wasting 12 months of waiting time, not to mention the huge investment spent. “Sorry Mr Client, your site can’t rank well, but this is not my fault, please pay my fees in full.” (We have heard this phrase countless times from our clients about their past experiences and encounters with previous SEO vendors)

To us, this is simply unethical and a Crime to expect payment in full, if we cannot deliver the Results and Commitment to our clients. Our Performance Based Guaranteed is simple, we’ll set Key Performance Indicators (KPI) throughout the contract period and you only pay us, once we hit the KPI with the intended results. Wouldn’t you say it’s fair enough?

Google changes its Search Algorithm frequently. This means that what works now, may not work in the future. However, the principles of SEO never change – Relevance and Authority is the core to our SEO’s Secret Weapon in providing long lasting SEO ranking results to our clients. This is the reason why we are confident to provide the market’s most Transparent Performance-Based SEO services to our clients.

SEO is a NECESSITY for your website. While most are fearful, locking themselves up and pray that everything will be okay, opportunistic business owners will see this moment as the best time to climb on top of their game when there will be much less competition in the business scene.

Take the advantage and strengthen your SEO and Digital Marketing Strategies & Dominate the Market Share faster than anybody else now!

Why SEO is Essential to Your Business Website?

Ranking Importance

This year's research shows that approximately 85% of all Web sites are found via search engines

Major Search Engines

96% of Internet users begin their Web search through a major search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL)

Effective strategy

SEO allows you the ability to choose keyword phrases for searches performed by potential customers

342 billion Search Results

In January 2016, more than 17.5 billion searches were performed with 342 billion search results

Bring Visitors

Solid SEO and search friendly web design will help bring visitors to your website.

Consumer Perception

Consumers who are largely online search engine users perceive that higher ranked websites are more trusted and reliable.

Take Your Business to the next level with the
Top SEO Consultant Malaysia

Cleverus can increase the search engine rank and site traffic of any company. The expertise offered by its technical and copywriting staff enables Cleverus to successfully meet the needs of companies with complex websites in competitive industries

“Cleverus team is efficient, friendly,
responsive and customer-oriented.”

Asia Mind Dynamics Sdn Bhd
Andreas Dorn – Managing Director


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We’re proud to provide a valuable service and help multi-million dollar businesses grow. See how our customers are shaping the world’s business landscape.

WhatClients Say

On top of providing SEO and Internet marketing services, we also offer a wide array of related services such as SEO friendly web design, pay per click, affiliate marketing, website audits, social media optimization, branding and more.

  • We are strongly recommending Lawmence and Cleverus Team for their professionalism along with their first-rate services provided.

    Andreas Dorn
    Andreas Dorn
    Managing Director of Asia Mind Dynamics Sdn Bhd
  • After engaging with the Cleverus, we have seen a tremendous increase in our website ranking position from the Google search and have attracted more organic traffic to our websites since then

    Lian Wee Nee
    Lian Wee Nee
    General Manager at Cellini Design Center Sdn Bhd
  • The metrics of what Cleverus team has accomplished are impressive in that Cleverus increased our website traffic by 7 times from before in not less than eight different countries, a feat that clearly attests to their expertise, professionalism, commitment and resolve to deliver on the targets set.

    Jaap Huigen
    Jaap Huigen
    CEO of Tankformator
  • The team at Cleverus really exceeded our expectations and put us on the digital map. With 4 times the traffic visiting our website every day, it has further enhanced our branding visibility

    Datin Moon
    Datin Moon
    Group Managing Director of MK Curtain Berhad

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    SEO FAQs

    What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

    SEO is the art and science of persuading search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, to recommend your content to their users as the best solution to their problem. It is the practice of optimizing your web pages to make them reach a high position in the search results of Google or other search engines.

    SEO focuses on improving the rankings in the organic – aka non paid – search results. If you have a website and you want to get more traffic, it should be part of your marketing efforts. With effective SEO strategy, it will bring you ongoing source of free traffic.

    How SEO works for business?

    Most search engine users are more likely to click on one of the top 10 suggestions in the search engine results pages. To take advantage of this and gain visitors to your web site or customers to your online store, your website needs to appear in one of the top positions. SEO can put you ahead of the competition. If two web sites are selling the same thing, the search engine optimized website is more likely to have more customers and make more sales.

    Why SEO is important for your online success?

    Users trust search engines and having a presence in the top positions for the keywords the user is searching, increases the web site’s trust. Besides, SEO is not only about search engines, but good SEO practices improve the user experience and usability of a web site.

    Are SEO services worth it?

    SEO is more important than ever! It is still one of the most potent digital marketing strategies that drive long-term results. If you are planning to get more eyeballs onto your website, SEO can increase the chance of conversions and therefore sales. promotes online visibility and attracts potential customers which can generate more revenue for businesses.

    SEO vs SEM vs PPC

    SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. It is most often referring to paid search, whereas SEO (search engine optimization) is related to your organic results. PPC, which stands for Pay-Per-Click advertising, is the format in which ads are purchased on the main search engines. Generally, you pay for every click that comes through to your site, regardless of conversion.

    SEO and SEM, which is better?

    Although organic SEO takes longer to show results, in the end it will be less costly, and you will establish a search credibility that you might not establish with PPC. Additionally, there are many situations where PPC (a component of SEM) makes more sense than SEO. For example, if you are first launching a site and you want immediate visibility, it is a good idea to create a PPC campaign because it takes less time than SEO, but it would be unwise to strictly work with PPC and not even touch search engine optimization.

    Is SEO Dead?

    The digital landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years, but SEO remains a useful and essential marketing strategy. Search engine optimization is still proven one of the most effective channels to increased traffic, trackable and quantifiable ROI, cost-effectiveness, better site usability and improve brand awareness. Conclusion. SEO is not dead. It’s just changing.

    Worldwide SEO Services

    * 90-day offer begins from the day we receive all the access to your site as needed and is void if our changes are overwritten or lost by the work done by your company.