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The Top 5 Most Wanted SEO Tools in 2019

What is Search Engine Optimization Tools?

SEO tools is a software that let the users identify, organise and analyse the keywords and strategies to improve the organic search rankings.

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If you think that you can merely rely on the paid channels to gain traffic, then you should think hard again.

Moreover, SEO software or tools also come in with different kind of handy features such as content optimisation, link building and backlink analysis.

For sure, each of the benefits is varied, as the features appear in different kinds of packaging.

To date, the SEO is still important to most of the website in helping it to generate higher traffic and better website authority. Check out the reason why SEO is still important in 2019.

Still remember the primary objective of the SEO?

The SEO or known as Search Engine Optimization is an approach that aims to leverage the ranking in organic search results.

Thus, it is a vital component for any digital marketer in implementing effective online marketing strategies. Visit our SEO services page to find out more information about SEO.

In other words, SEO software is a business solution that frees you from the tedious and boring keyword research and with quicker and more precise results.

The most significant benefits that you will gain from these tools are their ability to deliver a wealth of insights, namely keyword ranking, keyword density as well as ROI prioritisation.

Ultimately, it helps you to focus more on high-level planning like content marketing strategies with your chosen keywords.

Let’s go beyond and have a better understanding of its aspects of SEO software.

Discover the Best SEO Tools In 2019

If you want to excel in digital marketing, you won’t get far without the power of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is one of the fundamental cores in digital marketing.

Without having an adequate tool, it is almost impossible for you to predict which your SEO strategies are running well, and which could improve your website’s ranking in Google’s search results. Just like an SEO agency, they are using a lot of good SEO tools to monitor their client’s website performance to ensure that SEO works perfectly.

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Besides, it is equally difficult to know which weaknesses and limitations are standing in the way to achieve a good search engine ranking.

This is why you need the magic from the SEO tools as it helps you to understand the website better.

Without concrete data or statistic, it left you the only option to rely on your gut feeling.

When it comes to SEO, it is gambling to merely rely on your gut feeling, as it is not always reliable.

SEO tools offer fundamental and reliable information for search engine optimisation that covers several areas.

5 Types of SEO Tools

Again, different SEO tools are served for different purposes.

Therefore, you should fully aware of its significance that available and utilises its most significant benefit as your ‘weapon’ to boost your website ranking.

In fact, with the vast array of tools out there, it is not an easy task to know which may be relevant.

So, it would be best to break it down and categories them for you to understand better.

Fundamentally, there are five categories of tools for managing SEO.

  • Keyword Analysis Tools
  • Competitive Analysis Tools
  • Ranking Tools
  • Content Ideas Tools
  • On-Page Optimization Tools
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The Best SEO Tools List for 2019

1. Keyword Analysis Tools

For sure, there is no such thing as SEO, without keywords.

The keyword is part and parcel in SEO where it guides and leads the search engine users to your site.

Thus, how popular the site is, it falls on how on well you can utilise the best of them.

With the keyword analysis tools, it lets you dig up thousands and even millions of keywords set for organic search with just a click.

The keyword analysis tool is designed for PPC building, yet it’s widely practised in pinpointing the competitive keywords and discover the untapped phrases.

It also can churn out the metrics like monthly search, CPC and historical trend.

  • Google Keyword Planner

Gain Insight of what people are searching for with Google Keyword Planner.

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By entering the keyword or group the keywords into the tool, the Google will return all sorts of handy stats that guide your keyword strategy – Competition, Monthly Search Volume, and suggested terms that you might not have considered.

2. Competitive Analysis Tools

Do you ever heard of the saying, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer?”

It does not matter what industry you are in, and you need always be keeping track of your competitors.

Knowing the information can make a massive difference between future SEO success or failure.

This is why you need competitive analysis tools to give you a head start over your competitors in developing the SEO strategy.

  • SEMrush

Have any specific keywords that you want to keep close tabs on?

Then, SEMrush has the Position Tracking tool on their free interface, which enables you to keep tab with your organic position for up to 10 keywords.

This also allows you to make a better comparison of the keywords against your competitors.

  • SpyFu

SpyFu indeed is a powerful tool that enables you to take-a-peek all data on competitors’ keywords in both organic search and AdWords.

All you need is to add the competitors’ keywords and get an overall view of their strategies.

3. Ranking Tools

In SEO, knowing where your site currently ranks is incredibly crucial.

It is not only allowing you to track which of your online marketing strategies are running the best, but it is also letting you to maximising the ROI and showed your traffic skyrocket through the roof.

  • Google Search Console

With this tool, it helps you to visualise how your site may appear in the search and guide you on how to influence the different appearance of elements.

SEO Tools in 2019

It also has the feature to notify you of the different errors that occur from the website crawls and suggests different HTML improvements.

4. Content Ideas Tools

For some reason, coming up some fresh and attractive ideas day in and day out is a daunting task.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to keep your site optimised for search engines, not only about the relevance and engagement with your audience.

Here are the tools that would enable you to gain some new and fresh ideas and optimise your current content.

  • Buzzsumo

Finding an appropriate topic and generate a bunch of brilliant ideas for the topic is not an easy task.

By doing a little research to make sure that your ideas are new and authentic that not been covered by someone else, then you are good to go.

With Buzzsumo, it helps you to discover the most-shared content in any topic.

5. On-Page Optimization Tools

The primary goal of on-page optimisation is to choose the phrases that anticipate the questions and needs of your target audience.

After that, incorporate these phrases into your website in a manner that indicates to search engines and users the relevance as well the importance of those terms on the page.

  • Yoast SEO

It is a tool that gives a great help in suggesting search engine optimising of your blog posts.

on page optimization

Entering the main keyword for your blog post and Yoast SEO will play its part in suggesting how to tweak your blog post and optimise it for the search engines.

Above are some of the free tools that you can use to monitor your SEO performance. But clearly, that is not sufficient enough if you would like to excel more in your SEO campaign for your website. CONTACT US if you would like to explore further regarding on how SEO tools can benefit your SEO.