7 Benefits of Having Brand Consistency for Successful Branding

7 Benefits of Having Brand Consistency

brand consistency

Have you ever seen a billboard, advertisement, logo, or product and instantly knew which company was behind it? 

The way our brains process and remember information is pretty remarkable. Brand consistency taps into the way the human brain works to help you achieve better results from your marketing campaigns

Brand consistency is critical for several reasons – here are its seven top benefits. 

1. It Makes Your Brand Easier to Recognize

What’s the purpose of branding in the first place? One of the main goals of a branding campaign should be to make your brand more recognizable. 

Think of the most famous brands out there, like Coca-Cola, Verizon, Apple, McDonald’s, 7-11, and KFC. All of them are instantly recognizable. Regardless of where you go in the world, a McDonald’s is easily identifiable from afar. The Golden Arches are often lit up and visible from a distance, and they draw many hungry drivers towards them. 

The same goes for Colonel Sanders and Coca-Cola’s red, black, and white colours. In any restaurant or minimarket, Coca-Cola is one of the most identifiable products. Due to its familiarity, it’s also the drink that many people reach for without thinking twice, especially when they aren’t acquainted with the other beverages in the fridge and don’t know how they taste. 

Of course, being more recognizable doesn’t make a branding campaign successful in its own right. People also need to have a good opinion of your brand – when they see your brand, they must associate it with positive feelings and benefits. 

Providing you have created a positive image for your brand, however, recognizability will help you get more sales. 

Indeed, according to Harvard Professor Gerald Zaltman, 95% of purchasing decisions are made subconsciously. When people recognize your brand, and it brings out positive emotions of familiarity and trust, they will be willing to hand over their money. 

Remember, brand recognition is crucial both online and offline. Some examples of offline recognizability were already given. However, people who know your brand will also be more likely to click on your ads, follow your social media profiles, tap on your website when you show up in the search results, etc. 

Backlinks are crucial for SEO. Brand consistency can even help you get more global and local backlinks. When people recognize you as an authority they can trust, they’ll link to you as a source rather than send their readers to a site they haven’t vetted. 

2. It Unites Your Products and Services

brand unites products

Consistency and dependability go hand in hand. Consistency not only makes people recognize you more, but it unites your products and services under one umbrella of high-quality service and dependability. 

If people were satisfied with a previous product of yours, they would be more likely to try out your new product – providing you are consistent in your advertising, packaging, branding, etc. Going back to our example of Coca-Cola – people who love Coca-Cola are probably more likely to try Coca-Cola With Coffee. People who love iPhones may purchase an Apple Watch or AirPods. 

That’s because Coca-Cola’s and Apple’s brand consistency unites all of their products. It removes hesitancy and doubt from purchasing decisions. 

3. It Helps in Communicating a Consistent Message

As a brand, you need to stand for something. If you’re inconsistent with your branding and messaging, it will be hard for consumers to understand what your brand is all about, what it stands for, and what it promises. 

More importantly, consumers won’t know what they can expect from your brand. Brand consistency is critical for building a brand image, and messaging is a big part of that as well. The truth is that brand messaging is often subtle – it seeps through and is evident from your advertisements, press releases, logos, brand colours, and more. 

4. It Shows Credibility

brand consistency shows credibility

If you can maintain a consistent branding strategy, that shows consumers that you are credible. They will know that you have your act together, are focused on your mission and goals, and aren’t getting distracted from your promises. 

If a company can’t be consistent in its branding, can it be consistent in its values and commitment to product quality? Can consumers expect the same level of customer service they have experienced in the past and are used to? Put yourselves in the shoes of the average consumer and think about what a lack of brand consistency looks like on their end. 

Before deciding to use different logos, pictures, and slogans, ask yourself what you’re trying to accomplish with those changes. Spicing things up might sound like fun, but that doesn’t mean it’s efficient. Remember, the average consumer is not necessarily familiar with your brand. Staying consistent will help you be remembered, and existing customers will take you more seriously. 

5. It Boosts Consumer Trust

Furthermore, brand consistency adds an element of trust. This increased trust might not always be something that consumers consciously think about. Do you remember what was said earlier about 95% of purchases being driven by the subconscious?

Trust and familiarity go hand in hand. Humans trust the familiar and look at the unfamiliar with suspicion. We all grew up hearing from our parents not to talk to strangers. From early on, we’ve associated the unknown with danger and learned to mistrust it. 

There’s a reason most people don’t want to leave their comfort zones – trying new things is scary, whether it’s a new food, new house, or new city. 

Indeed, one study found that our brains instinctively trust familiar brand logos like Apple or Coca-Cola like we trust familiar faces. Researchers noted that the majority of a company’s value lies in its brand, not in its actual products and services. 

It’s true – people buy Apple products because they trust Apple and know that Apple releases long-lasting, high-quality products with excellent audio quality and superb cameras. 

By staying consistent, you can subtly become more familiar with both new and existing consumers. Yes, that includes new consumers as well – people don’t have to buy from you to recognize your brand and trust what you say. 

While they may not have bought from you yet, they may make a purchase in the future, or they may boost your online efforts by following you on social media and sharing your content. 

In fact, 71% of consumers said that brand recognition was an important factor in their purchasing decisions. Interestingly enough, 82% of investors also say that they take brand recognition seriously when deciding which products and companies to invest in. 

6. It Strengthens Consumer Connection With Your Brand

Brand consistency is crucial for building relationships with consumers. People want and demand consistency in their human relationships, and their relationships with brands are no different. 

By maintaining a consistent tone of voice, brand colours, and messaging, you’ll help strengthen consumer connection to your brand. Ask yourself why people feel a connection to your brand in the first place. 

Perhaps it is because they identify with your goals, your messaging resonates with them, your brand colours bring out positive emotions, or something else. If you aren’t consistent with what is causing consumers to feel a connection to your brand in the first place, how can you expect to maintain those relationships? 

7. It Leads to More Efficient Marketing

effective marketing

Finally, brand consistency will help you get more conversions, reach more people, be remembered more, and achieve other marketing goals with greater ease. 

In general, it takes at least 5-7 brand impressions before consumers remember you. In other words, when people see an advertisement once, or if they land on your landing page one time, the chances are that they won’t remember you. You have to get yourself in front of people’s eyes 5-7 times before you become memorable. 

The problem is that if you are not consistent with your branding, people may not even recognize you the second or third time around. A successful marketing strategy relies a great deal on brand consistency. 

Brand consistency is something that is critical on all platforms you are active and advertise on, from your website to Facebook to YouTube. One of the reasons retargeting ads are so effective is that they rely on brand consistency and recognition to get better results, including a higher click-through rate. 

You also have to consider the other side – what happens when there is a lack of brand consistency. A lack of consistency on your part leads to confusion and a lack of brand awareness. In marketing, that translates to lower click-through rates, fewer conversions and signups, and a lower ROI overall. 

Final Thoughts on Brand Consistency

It takes time to build up a brand. You can’t create a successful and well-known brand overnight, which is why consistency is key. Without consistency, it will take a lot longer to generate brand awareness – if you manage to do it at all. 

By staying consistent with your messaging, logo, and brand colours, people will recognize you immediately. You’ll generate trust, increase conversions, build stronger relationships with consumers, and unite your products so that even new products are trusted and looked forward to. 

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