Digital Marketing Funnel: How to Skyrocket Your Sales

How to Skyrocket Your Sales by Using Digital Marketing Funnel

How to Skyrocket Your Sales by Using Digital Marketing Funnel

In this fast-paced digital universe, everything is changing quickly. If you want your business to be successful, maybe it is time to adapt to the digital marketing funnel as part of your marketing campaign in Malaysia and skyrocket your sales. Imagine if all browsers and visitors on your e-commerce site become buyers. It is like a dream comes true – which does not happen that often.

The hard truth is that selling is not easy, and it is undoubtedly not a one-step process. In fact, it is probably more difficult today compared to years back. It is as a result of the average customer’s access to information and competitors’ deals.

  • On average, the customer engages with 3-5 pieces of content before talking to a sales rep
  • 81% of shoppers begin their research on a search engine for information before they proceed with a further decision

Modern consumers are highly savvy – they check multiple pieces of content across several digital platforms before moving on from one stage of the sales funnel to the next. Finding the right content to answer the customers’ questions, providing the right and valuable solutions for consumers’ problems and ultimately convert prospects into paying customers is challenging. It is a constant battle for brands and companies to take up the challenge.

Undoubtedly, a digital marketing strategy is a must in your marketing campaign. Even in digital marketing Malaysia, competition is fierce, with over 3 million e-commerce websites for consumers to choose from. With so many brands and businesses to choose from, consumers are sceptical and, more often than not, conduct thorough research before purchasing any products.

The million-dollar question is – how do you incorporate a digital marketing funnel as part of your digital marketing planning?

There is no point in having a business and brand on online platforms if your brand cannot be found. In this case, the sales funnel for digital marketing helps your brand to be everywhere on the net. Yes, everywhere. In other words, you will no longer wonder if you can generate leads and convert them to sales.

Are you ready to learn about the internet marketing sales funnel? Keep on reading!


What is a Digital Marketing Funnel

How to Skyrocket Your Sales by Using Digital Marketing Funnel

In simple words, a digital marketing sales funnel a depiction of the buyer journey from being a prospect to a customer. It describes the steps that browsers take to move from the top part of the funnel as a prospect to the bottom part of the funnel as a buyer.

It is called a funnel because the number of people at each stage becomes lesser than the previous one. Imagine the wide top of a funnel. This is where a large number of people might become aware of your products or services. All these people are your leads – your potential prospects.

As they move through your funnel towards the much narrower passage, many will drop off. Finally, a small number of leads will make it through to the bottom of the funnel and become your customer. That is why the digital marketing funnel has a wide mouth in the prospecting stage, while the bottom is narrow and has only a handful of customers.

While there are multiple marketing funnels, most include stages focused on awareness, consideration and purchase. Businesses can use any funnel to guide their marketing efforts.


Why Sales Funnel in Digital Marketing Malaysia is Important

How to Skyrocket Your Sales by Using Digital Marketing Funnel

Regardless of which sales funnel strategy you like the best, the inevitable fact is that consumers do not instantly buy your products for the first time. When you do research for the digital marketing sales funnel and your buyer journey, you can improve your marketing strategy. Instead of guessing what your target audience wants, you can use your data to build a data-backed campaign for attracting and nurturing new and existing customers.

Learning and adopting sales funnel in digital marketing activities  can help your business in Malaysia in several ways, including:

  • Discover the strategies, like SEO Malaysia, that will help your audience the most
  • Understand the motivations that drive your target audience to research and purchase
  • Uncover how and when to nurture relationships with potential prospects and current customers
  • Build an effective plan for marketing to users at different stages of the funnel

Sales funnel helps you acquire and retain your customers throughout the buying journey. The goal is to chart out the customer’s journey in advance so you can make better preparation to communicate with them at each stage and seamlessly move them from one stage of the funnel to the other.


Stages of a Digital Marketing Funnel

How to Skyrocket Your Sales by Using Digital Marketing Funnel

Finally, it is time to take a closer look at each stage of the digital marketing sales funnel in depth. For this article, there are three major stages of the digital marketing funnel. Each stage requires you to take a different approach to reach out and communicate with your consumers.

Cold Group

The cold group is the very first stage of the digital marketing sales funnel – the widest and largest group in the funnel. For businesses, consumers in this stage offer the most opportunity. It is called the cold group because it consists of consumers that do not know anything about your brand, products or services. Basically, they are not aware of your existence yet. Due to the lack of awareness, they feel like your products and services are not a necessity. They might not be aware of your brand, but they are highly potential customers.

How to reach out to the Cold Group

While consumers in this stage are not really aware of your brand, this is where your chances begin. To target this group effectively, you certainly should not use hard selling as your tactic. As they are not looking for a solution nor ready to buy yet, hard sell might scare them off.

So, what can you do? To connect with consumers seamlessly, you can utilize educational content as part of your content marketing planning. You can create branding activities to spread brand awareness and let people know about your products and services. Here are some ways you can do to reach this stage:


Awareness Stage

In this stage, it is pretty much self-explanatory – consumers become aware of your brand. At some point, consumers have to become aware of a certain brand in order to become customers. Now, they are aware of your existence, and they may think that they need your products and services, but they are not ready to purchase yet. While they are not ready to buy, they are ready to explore and find the solution to their current problem. Essentially, you are trying to get the attention of your target audience amongst competitors and increase your brand awareness.

How to reach out to the Awareness Stage

There are many ways for consumers at this stage of the sales funnel to become more aware of your brand, products, and services. Your primary focus here is to create educational content and provide educational materials such as tutorials, blog posts, and blog articles to capture consumers’ attention. It will make them think of you when they move to the next stage and ready to purchase.

To improve awareness of your brand, digital marketing strategy that you can utilize:


Buy Mode

The final stage is the buy mode, where consumers are searching in ‘hunt mode’ for a solution and ready to purchase. This is exactly where you convert your leads into customers. For many businesses, consumers at the bottom part of the sales funnel offer the most value. They are ready to buy your products and services, visit your location or browse your e-commerce store, and may even call your business. Consumers gather the last bit of information they need before deciding to buy and finally become customers.

How to reach out to the Buy Mode

This stage is critical as it helps determine your conversion rate and revenue. It is crucial to prepare content with impeccable quality that should be able to convince the consumers to purchase from you. They will most likely be looking for solutions on the search engine, such as Google, so your website and e-commerce store must be ready and appear in front of them immediately. In other words, you certainly must establish your online presence on the search engine.

A few ways your business can reach consumers in the buy mode stage:


Make Your Digital Marketing Funnel Malaysia Works for Your Business

Every business that is involved in the digital marketplace in Malaysia needs to have a digital marketing sales funnel. This is crucial to ensure that your customers have a smooth journey from being prospects to customers.

Are you ready to increase traffic and skyrocket your sales? Contact us at Cleverus for more information.


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