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The Importance of Website Design for Online Business

In 2019, having an online presence is no longer an optional choice for business owners.

It is undeniable that any company should have its own website as it communicates to the clients who you are and what you can do in a convincing and clear way.

the importance of website design

Growing competition and the changing nature of the business world make it essential for companies to strengthen their global presence.

A vast majority of consumers in both B2C and B2B industries are now using the Internet as a medium to search for the solution to their problems. And of course, your website is the first place where potential clients engage or interact with your brand.

Thus, having a website enables a business to reach out to a wider market or a different prospective client base effectively.

How Can a Website Be an Asset for Online Business?

As a business owner, the website is one of the crucial things that you need in order to develop the business online.

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There are numerous reasons why a well-designed website could become your main asset and weapon in attracting your ideal prospects and have a prompt dialogue with them.

Let’s explore the numbers that prove how essential a website is for the businesses to succeed.

4 Main Reasons Why Create A Website for Your Business

1. Retain the Visitors You Attract

You may be running an online business, being a professional blogger or even owning a small SEO agency, it does not matter.

The primary key for these activities is to have high traffic on your website, something essential for achieving success in today age of convergent technology.

why you need a website

Besides, web design also helps you to rank high in search engines.

In other words, you are more visible when your prospects are looking for something that you offer.

Furthermore, you should not ignore the website responsiveness as it matters to your customers and it holds the keys to retaining the visitors that you attract.

When you focus on what matters to your prospects, you definitely attract more customers.

Instead of just making your web design look “cool”, you should not neglect the responsiveness and the speed of loading of a page.

“Speed does matter when it comes to web design.”

Just ask any expert designer, they know that for every additional second that a page takes to load you lose potential visitors.

And all of these visitors are people who click on your links or ads, and that have been redirected to your site form other channels.

A study had shown that in just 2 seconds, you could have lost around 12% of the visitors.

When it gets up to 4 seconds, you have lost around 25% of your potential visitors. There is less than ½ of visitors who are willing to wait over 6 seconds.

In effect, you could double the traffic of your website simply by speeding up your loading time.

Bear in mind this: responsiveness is more than just speed!

2. Attract Valuable Traffic

Of course, getting high traffic is one thing.

However, are these your ideal customers?

This is why you need website design to attract the people who are likely to become you’re paying customers and share your brand with others.

why create a website

You could do this by incorporating the attractive design features, style elements, text and imagery that appeal specifically to your targeted audiences.

That goes without saying, this needs some extensive research, testing and know-how.

To attract the right traffic, you should know:

• Who your target is?

• Which keywords your target uses to find sites that are similar to you?

• What kinds of visuals is attractive to the audience?

• What does the audience want from the website? (informative content, interesting type of content, exclusive offers, etc…)

• What your competitors are doing?

3. Provide a Seamless Customer Experience

Have you ever been on a website that looked one way?

Where the navigation is weird and seems disorganized?

Are you having trouble getting back to other parts of the site?

These are examples of a site that has not been optimized.

For sure, the distracted visitors would not waste their time trying to work around the ineffective navigation or inconsistent design.

They certainly will abandon their carts or their other intentions related to the visit.

Having a proper web design by the web design company offers a seamless experience for customers.

Thus every millimetre of the site on any device should be consistent and user-friendly.

The website should be able to guides the visitor through content, features or wherever you want to direct the person to go.

Don’t put any distraction and help your visitors to find what they want on your optimised website easily.

4. Increase Organic Search Traffic

Organic search results are the search results in Google that are not paid ads.

In fact, most of the users prefer to click on the organic results rather than paid ads.

Being ranked on the top of the results is the social proof that your site is the best platform to answer the query.

why creates a website

Besides, over 75% of the traffic goes to the websites that are on the first page of the search results.

Popular search engines like Google are constantly improving their algorithms to ensure the best sites appeared on the top.

Here are some of the great benefits you will enjoy:

• Increase in quality traffic;

• Cuts marketing costs over time. When you have more organic traffic, fewer ads are required to get a big amount of visitors;

• Delight customers. As the customers often see you in more places, they will turn you as an expert in your industry.

What are “Best-Looking Websites”?

If you ask a web designer to define what “good” web design is, there are high chances that the answers will vary. You may check out our web design service page if you would like to get more idea about having a good web design and the importance of it.

However, when you pay close attention to some of the well-designed services or products, you will see some similarities and counterparts between them.

So, what makes a great website?

Well, there is no clear definition of what makes a great web design as the design is subjective.

What looks great for one person may seem terrible to another.

This is why traditional design practices fail to seize up today’s modern and personalised world.

The old classic way of approaching website design is not relevant anymore.

You need some new process or appealing user interface that will help you to engage your users and leave a deep impression in their minds.

Above are some of the information about why a website is important to you and what is the reason that you should know to build up your online presence through a proper website. Feel free to CONTACT US if you would like to know more about the web design.