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The Type of Online Marketing Practiced in Malaysia

The Type of Online Marketing Practiced in Malaysia

People tend to confuse between online marketing and digital marketing. Many people say that online marketing and digital marketing is the same. Yes, it is true, in certain angle online marketing can be view as digital marketing as both of it are utilizing the or Internet platform to conduct marketing activities. However, both are different in nature.

Online marketing is categorized as the subset of digital marketing. Whereas digital marketing is the broad defined category, digital marketing doesn’t rely on just online, but both online and offline marketing method is complimenting each other, for example online is encouraging consumer to visit their physical store or physical store putting an advertising banner stating they have their website operating.

Online marketing Malaysia however is focusing on the use of Internet platform to conduct marketing activities such as online advertising malaysia. The offline and online marketing are not necessary to be relevant and measurement of the success is solely looking at the online platform such as engagement and conversion rate to the website. Throughout this article, you shall be able to learn more about type of online marketing in Malaysia. To know more about online advertising in Malaysia, check out our article. “The Things You Should Know About Online Advertising in Malaysia

So what are the Components of Online Marketing in Malaysia?

1. Website

Commonly, a website is defined as the set of related web pages combined and located under a single registered domain name. Many Malaysia online marketing campaigns begin with the website as the starting point and often is the destination site with the purpose to drive more visitor to visit your website.

Website here can be either personal or corporate depend on what type of the website you want it to be and who is involve in the website. Besides, the website can be solely focus on informational, commercial or combination of both.

Website that is focus on information is solely just providing information for the user to access to get to know more about the company. Commercial website however includes the product and service selling in the website. Nowadays, website usually include both information and commercial.

2. Social media marketing (SMM)

SMM simply define as conducting the online marketing campaign using social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and others more. The marketing activities can include advertising (Sponsored post), influencer marketing and others.

Social media marketing is another type of Malaysia online marketing that is gaining the spotlight in the online environment. People see the trend is moving from the traditional way of online marketing to the social media marketing. The reason is simple, almost everyone who having access to the Internet is engaging in the social media.

The platform such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and others are all consider as social media. According to Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission it stated that the second highest online activity that Malaysia Internet users tend to do is visiting social networking sites which occupied 89.3% of the Malaysia Internet user’s population.

social media marketing

3. Search engine marketing (SEM)

SEM refer to the online marketing in Malaysia that focus on enhance the website visibility in the search engine result pages such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. There are two forms of SEM which is search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC).

SEO can consider as a process of achieving the higher-ranking search engine result in a more organic way. If you know how to optimize your search engine result, this process is relatively free for you. Besides, users nowadays feel the organic search result in the search engine is much more credible and reliable as compared to PPC.

PPC is another form of SEM which instead of free and organic method, PPC is know as paid search method. It is a form of advertising where you pay only when there are people click into the paid post. PPC is useful to create a short term and immediate marketing result however it can be a costly investment in the long term, also it is less credible where seldom users are likely to click on it.

search engine marketing

4. Email marketing

Email is one of the important tools in Malaysia online marketing nowadays. Email serve as the platform that use to send out all the newsletters or offers to the subscribers to encourage and persuade them to make purchase.

In the past email is seen as an intrusive tool where company use to buy the email list from the third party and blast the email to all the user, we called it as ‘SPAM’. However, nowadays, you can choose to opt in and out whether to receive the company newsletter.

Besides, you can utilize the email to cross sell and up sell your product and service to your customers by giving out exclusive offer to appreciate your loyal customer or remind your customer about the latest promotion deals. This is effective in keeping the customer loyal to you.

5. Banner advertising

Have you encounter something like a rectangular shape display at the top or bottom sometimes in the middle of the website or webpage which ask you to register now, click to register, buy now and others? This is known as banner advertising.

The purpose of the banner advertising is to promote a brand or persuade the user to click on the banner to redirect user into the destination website. The banner advertisement can come in different kind of format such as animation, static or click through banner. A proper use of it will reduce the feeling of interruptive.

All the above is the type of the Malaysia online marketing that is commonly practiced. If you are seeking for online marketing agency in Malaysia or Kuala Lumpur, feel free to CONTACT US, we can provide you the outstanding online marketing service in Malaysia. Cleverus is a global digital marketing agency in Malaysia that offers comprehensive digital marketing services such as SEO, web design, online reputation management, app development and more.


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