Why Inbound Marketing Is The Best Approach For The Business

How to Skyrocketing Business with Inbound Marketing

skyrocketing business with inbound marketing

Learn to Quantify Your Success with Inbound!

Inbound marketing is one of the marketing strategies that focused on attracting the right customers using value-added content strategically positioned at different stages of a customer’s journey.

Inbound marketing in Malaysia has become more significant than ever before as it helps to adopt a problem solving customer-centric approach while providing an outstanding experience to them.

This valuable content will be found through channels namely social media platform, search engine (SEO) and blogs.

The main objective is to create brand awareness for your business and attract more new business for you!

Lucky for you! We, Cleverus can help your business to skyrocket and grow even bigger than you will ever imagine.

We believe we can make a proven fast track record for crafting the best marketing channel through inbound marketing to outsmart your competitors whilst growing your business at the same time.

It’s time for Inbound Marketing!

For years, there are numerous companies constantly to reach out more of their consumer base on the internet by using the traditional advertisement like embedded videos and banner.

Unfortunately, these companies didn’t realise or even fully utilise the use of inbound marketing in making a huge positive impact on their business.

Unlike the outbound marketing, embedded videos and banners can be more annoying rather than engaging.


However, instead of interrupting the user content with the advertising, inbound approaches seem to be the best approach that turns the ads into the content itself.

so, by making the right engagement at the right target, this helps you to explore more potential customer while helping them to educate the viewers with the content they seek by themselves.

Examples of Inbound Marketing

  • Social media campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Search Engine Optimised (SEO) website text
  • Blogs
  • Viral video
  • Web-based seminar (Webinars)
  • E-books

Therefore, inbound marketing is the most ideal and appropriate strategy in connecting them with useful and relevant content through organic means, such as through search engine and sharing links.

Let’s take an example; a skilfully crafted blog post about the blogger personal favourite product will speak to this potential customer in a way a banner ads (traditional marketing) cannot.

In short, inbound marketing helps you to speak louder than those traditional marketing and help to educate the customers in a more interactive way.

To do the inbound, you need to be inbound! This is because the consumers don’t want to be sold to. They want to be educated.

This more personal approach to marketing has added the competitive advantage of reaching those who have already taken the first step towards a purchase.

Inbound marketing has been proven to be able to provide value to the consumers who are already actively searching for information about the product rather than the outbound approach (strategically placing ads where it is assumed customers will be).

Therefore, inbound marketing indeed is the ideal strategy of connecting with the potential prospects through materials and experiences that they find useful.

inbound marketing ideal pieces

What is the best thing about Inbound Marketing for business?

Inbound marketing may seem like a radical approach to some as it is more focusing on informing the customers and aid them in making a well-informed decision from time to time.

Sometimes, that well-informed decision may drive a customer to think that they may not need that product or service after all.

This is a good thing because those were not the RIGHT customer. Those were not the ideal customers.

It is like trying to sell soft drink to someone who is sugar intolerant, but those who want a soft drink will get the drinks and even indirectly market that drinks.

When done it right, inbound marketing becomes a perpetual lead-generating machine. Inbound is all about making the right engagement at the right time.

You need to do it smartly with efficiently, in order to develop your own business competitive advantages over time.

As a matter of fact:

  • Companies that utilizing the inbound content able to rocket up their business to 45% in sales.
  • An average of websites gets DOUBLE (2X) more conversion by using Inbound approaches.
  • Inbound is 62% cheaper than Outbound.

The good thing about inbound marketing

Besides, we currently live in a fast-track changing environment where the information-action ratio is skewed to the former. You sure don’t want to be felt left out right?

Currently, the users have become savvier as they have a free-flow of information just by at the tip of their fingers more than ever.

There is a whole lot abundant of information or news from the medium that is almost never sleeping. Things are getting smarter, so do them!

Can you believe that now people are getting the information instantly form a device as they have glued their eyes into the smart device?

digital awareness

People are already distrusting of a salesman as now they have the database of information that tells them exactly which salesman not to trust.

Inbound marketing makes a brand to be shining light amidst the pool full of doubt and paranoia.

Many customers will have the tendency to shout out about a brand on their social media like Facebook or Instagram. Some even voice out an online forum or at offline groups.

There is statistic shown that:

  • More than 50% of people read news through the online platform
  • Nearly 60% of all global searches are from the mobile device.
  • 77% of consumers read product reviews upon making online purchasing.

In a process achieving outstanding services, true ideal customers will eventually emerge. In shorts, inbound marketing is basically like a word-of-mouth marketing for the current digital era.

Just by aligning the content you publish with your customer’s interest, you naturally attract inbound traffic that allows you to convert, close and delight the prospect over time.


You also will be able to provide content that could be a solution to their pain by educating via sharing of information.

This enables you to make a special connection with your prospect as you are building the trust and credibility for a longer time period.

You will establish a solid relationship with them by earning their trust with a special value that you project by empowering each of every customer rather than pushing the image of your company repeatedly.

Soon, this will make loyal advocates of customers who ultimately will be the one that helps you in the marketing effort.

Just let the inbound methodology continues to help you to foster the relationship of each of the customers which definitely boosting up your business naturally over time.

Therefore, understand the fundamentals of inbound marketing is crucial in order to skyrocket your business as it helps you to outreach the right and your desired audience for your business platform.

Remember! Inbound marketing is all about making the engagement.