4 Ways on How to Grow Your Business with Facebook [Updated]

4 Ways to Grow Your Business with Facebook [Updated]

How To Grow Your Business With Facebook

Nowadays, you may not think of Facebook as something new and edgy anymore. This might sound a slight exaggeration, but with the over two billion active users worldwide, you can’t deny the fact that it has become widespread.

Many people use Facebook as a medium to share their daily life stories and photos to enlarge their social circle, but did you know that you actually could make it as a business platform too?

How To Grow Your Business With Facebook

Facebook Marketing Strategy – Let’s Go Back to Basic Marketing Plan

  • Understand Your Facebook Demographic

Needless to say, demographics are the key to any marketing strategy, and on social media, it is not much different.

When looking at Facebook, you have almost 1.16 billion people scrolling through their feeds daily. Thus, it is essential to get to know who you need to reach and how.

Facebook Marketing Strategy

  • Build Your Audience

The whole reason why every influencers, entrepreneur and digital marketing agencies on Facebook can be successful is that they have already gone through the process of building their buyer persona.

When it comes to social media like Facebook, building up your own sales qualified lead funnel from your target audience is the key to success. Therefore, you need to build up some form of Facebook presence, and you will be recognised as the expert of your audience niche over time.

Bear in mind; the primary goal of you doing Facebook marketing is to provide a place where people can get to know you. In times, they will trust you, follow you and are likely to spend their money and time to obtain your services.

Again, Facebook is more than just a social network that connects people globally. If you are interested in making money while you are sleeping by using Facebook, then check out these options.

The 4 Facebook Marketing Ideas – Make Money with Facebook

1. Facebook Livestreaming (Ad Breaks)

Did you know that you can now earn money by only going live on Facebook? The new updated features on Facebook Live was also known as Ad Breaks, where it lets you take short breaks from your live video by running 10 to 15 seconds ads.

Here are the conditions for you to be eligible for Ad Breaks:

  • Must have at least 2,000 followers.
  • Your video must have an audience comprised of 300 people.
  • You must be recording for at least 4 minutes long.
  • You can have an additional break for every 5 minutes, after your first ad break.

Facebook Live

# Pro Tip: After you have been broadcasting live for 4 minutes, Facebook will notify you that you are eligible for an ad break.

Therefore, you must let your viewer know that you are taking an ad break. Otherwise, you will leave them in a confused and alarmed state.

2. Facebook Ads

Ever heard of the saying, “You have to spend the money to make money”. Yes, that’s right, where you can use Facebook to run the ads. You could have seen these ads, whether it is a little banner on the right side of the page or the sponsored posts that pop up directly in the news feed.

Before that, you will need to create a Facebook Page for your business or website first. You may think of the Pages as “Facebook for Business.” Once your page is created, you can share the posts with your Page followers just like how you are usually writing posts on your timeline.

Facebook Ads

# Pro Tip: while your Business Page can help you make money, you also need to use paid Facebook ads to reach out to the new audience. Nevertheless, here are the three tools you need to pay close attention to:

  • Objective – Do you merely want to make engagement with your audience or making sales?
  • Audience – is there any specific audience that you want to target?
  • Budget – how much are you willing to spend and how long do you want to run the campaign?

3. Facebook Watch

If you are a video creator, you might be interested in this! In the year 2018, Facebook has announced the good news for the video content creators, where they can monetise their video content as per Facebook rules.

Basically, the Facebook video creators can include the sponsored content, and ad breaks also included in for some creators that making the shows for premium video section Watch.

Facebook Watch

The video creator could get 55 per cent of the revenue generated from the video while Facebook will acquire the remaining 45 per cent. Before starting your video monetisation, you must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Having a Facebook Page
  • Have at least five published articles
  • Having a Website or any Blogger site
  • No requirement of any fixed number of flowers or likes

4. Facebook Instant Articles

For any blogger, the main concern is always getting the traffic and monetising the blog. One of the good news is that every blogger now can do so with Facebook Instant Article.

Fundamentally, the Instant Articles were built to solve the specific problem – which is the slow loading times on the mobile web, and you can integrate the ads in your instant article and publish it in your Facebook Page.

Facebook Instant Articles

So, if you ever wonder how one goes about using Facebook Instant Article, here are what you need to do:

  • Facebook Page (Create one if you don’t have)
  • Bank Account
  • Website (With at least 10 articles)


In shorts, there a plethora of ways you could potentially grow your business on Facebook. Moreover, it is one of the most powerful and versatile money-making platforms, where you could make money rolling in even when you are sleeping! Besides, you even could provide additional social media marketing services to your clients, and generate more potential sales to your company.

Have you ever grow your business Facebook before? If so, don’t be shy and share your great story in our Facebook comment section below.