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Social Media Marketing Strategy Guide for Dummies [Latest 2019]

Social Media Marketing Strategy Guide for Dummies [Latest 2019]

You know that every business needs to be on social media, whether is Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or some other among the most popular platforms out there.

Even though Snapchat is losing against Instagram, yet it still doing quite well with over a hundred million active users daily.

Still, for you as a novice to all this, it may be quite overwhelming and somehow complicated.

Bear in mind that, in the digital marketing industry, a good social media marketing strategy plays an important role in assuring the success of it. Click here to read more about the basic on how to be successful in digital marketing.

Social media marketing strategy

Social Media Marketing Definition

Social media marketing is the process of building awareness about you, your brand, your product or services through the various social media channels.

The final goal of a social media campaign is to drive more traffic to a website, increase the visibility of your products or services, and gain more followers or potential prospects.

Social media marketing definition

In other word, social media marketing has become one of the biggest juggernauts in internet marketing.

Nowadays, many businesses understand the importance of investing in social media marketing as it can generate an endless profit.

However, many are still struggling and don’t know where to make the first step in this field. So, how do you start with your social media marketing?

In this article, you will learn everything that you need to know about how to set up an effective social media strategy, where to get started and so much more.

How Can Social Media Marketing Help You to Reach your goals?

Some people overlook the importance of social media marketing making it look shallow and frivolous.

However, everybody knows that it should be the exact opposite! Here is how social media can help you to accomplish the following goals:

  •    Brand Awareness
  •    Driving leads and sales
  •    Increase site traffic
  •    Providing value to your audience
  •    Community building

Most popular social media 2019

Social media is unlike other marketing platforms. People don’t just want to see some ad copy – they want to see what makes the wizard tick behind the green curtain.

They just want to feel like they are getting to know you and your business. Social media is all about connection building. There are many social media specialist out there where they can give you some solid ideas on how you can better improve your social media presence. Feel free to check them out.

Most Popular Social Media 2019

These days, there is a plethora of different social media channels that you can join and where promote your business. These are the primary platforms with the largest engaged audiences, which makes it safe for you to bet on.

1. Facebook

It would be shocking if Facebook did not make it into the list.  Following Myspace’s brief stint in the early 2000s, Facebook has managed to dethrone them and become the new ruler of the social media ever since.

With more than ten years and still counting, the popularity of Facebook did not show any sign of being back down.

What’s make Facebook extraordinary are the Pages for brands, where customers can know about your business, write reviews and follow all your latest content.

facebook marketing

Moreover, the Call-to-Action (CTA) of Facebook comes in handy as it designed to help your business accomplish all of your social media marketing goals.

Therefore, there is not wondering why many businesses consider Facebook as the focal point for their social media marketing.

2. YouTube

YouTube is as old as Facebook and it’s the largest video sharing platform in the world.

As YouTube is full of all sort of entertainments for teenagers doing all the absurd things, it is also an ideal platform for marketing, if you know how to execute it properly.

When it comes to YouTube marketing, keywords are necessary. Do not forget to place the keywords into your video’s title, description and tags.

youtube marketing

Create the video that provides the value to your audience through the know-how demonstration, tutorials, informational content and Q&As that your audience is actively looking for.

Fundamentally, YouTube can be approached as a combination of social media marketing and content marketing.

Here is the pro tip: always send the traffic back to your main site, as it is a significant part in finding the success on the YouTube platform.

3. Instagram

Instagram is a predominantly visual platform owned by Facebook, where aesthetically appealing and interesting pictures and videos reign supreme.

Despite it having a large number of diverse followers and rapidly growing platform, it has the highest engagement rates out of all social media platforms.

To get the best from Instagram, use all the features that are available to you: from the creation of stories to newsfeed posting, heavy use of hashtags as well as the user-generated content that will help to attract more and newer followers.

instagram marketing

How Should You Get Started with Social Media Marketing?

  1. Choose what goals you’re trying to reach.
  2. Identify which social media platforms could benefit your business the most.
  3. Constantly update your channels with new and exciting contents.
  4. Monitor everything regularly.

Final Thought

With the free and easily accessible features, it is not a surprise that social media marketing has an enormous and diverse audience.

This is why it is an ideal platform to nurture the relationship with your followers and build the online community, solidifying your place in the digital maps.

If you have any question or thoughts on social media, feel free to share it to us. Click on the CONTACT US and we will reach you out shortly!