Chatbot Malaysia Vs Customer Service Personnel

Chatbot Vs Customer Service Personnel

In the growing world of internet and online services, chatbots are deployed to serve the needs of customers. Chatbot in Malaysia is a computer program that converses with human customers to enlighten customer’s needs which could be in text or speech. They respond to the customer based on their database with predefined sentences after analyzing the input contents.

A single chatbot is able to converse with multiple customers in parallel whereas multiple customer service personnel (CSR) is required to cater to multiple customers in a single instance. This trait is especially useful for e-commerce industry whereby customers from all over the world will be served to their needs and the number of customers is not a small amount that limited service personnel can handle. Besides that, the chatbot is fully functional 24/7 and therefore, customers from different time zone are able to be entertained while the CSR only able to serve customers within their usual working hours which they require time to sleep during the night. Unlike humans, chatbots are easily taught and on the go to serve customers as soon as it is being deployed.

However, this does not mean that chatbot is the one and only solution. As mentioned earlier, chatbots respond based on their database and it is growing by learning throughout their conversations. This learning process though is not being filtered as currently, they do not have the ability to differentiate if they have learned something good or bad. This would mean that chatbots can easily offend customers since they do not have the ability to think exactly like a human.

From human to human, there are unlimited varieties of methods that they converse, be it the accents, language irregularity or simply human language proficiency and this will be a major obstacle for chatbot whereas human will still be able to find ways to converse.

Chatbot Impact on Social Economy

With the use of chatbots enhancing the way it communicates to our society, there is a growing perception that it will soon replace human to do the job as chatbots are always ready 24/7 and can respond to customer’s messages instantly with predefined answers to preloaded questions. However, this is far from the truth. Chatbots can work hand in hand with customer service personnel, where simple and straightforward questions with simple answers shall be handled by chatbots, whereas complex requests and enquiries shall be handled by humans.

Future of Chatbot, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IOT)

Technology is now so advanced that not only a program can communicate with us, coupled with AI and IOT, there are many tasks that can be completed without the use of human power. All you need is internet and of course, AI and IOT enabled devices.

For instance, you may not need a maid to clean your house floor anymore when you have a robot vacuums at home connected to the internet or if you want to cool your house right before returning home, you can turn on your air conditioner just by communicating with a chatbot (e.g Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa). People will soon need to adapt and learn new skills to survive the future world dominated by robots.


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