Things You Should Know About Chatbot in Malaysia For Your Business

Are Chatbot Malaysia Really An Expensive Solution For Your Business?

chatbot malaysia

We live in an era of technology where accessibility to information overload can prove to be quite detrimental at times especially to the uninitiated – users are presented with so much data that leave them confused. Excelling in the age of information abundance today will require a tailored approach; imagine if you could engage with the person with the exact answer to the question they have in mind.

Enter Chatbots: An online solution created to chat like a human. Robot chat will help customers to find information pertaining to the services a company provides; consult on product availability, logistics, place reservations, and assess the customer’s experience via the feedback form and customized applications. Chatbots are capable of handling more than mere automating conversations, and if you are afraid that your prospects are going to get bored, simply enable live chat to allow them to speak to your live agent.

The first and foremost advantage of having automation is the cost savings that it provides; robot chats are much cheaper than humans especially now that their cost is decreasing upon reaching economies of scale. Gone are the days where businesses have to maintain or outsource their customer service department and risk facing major problems involving human emotions including high attrition rates, employee burnout and the inability to measure performance.

As such, the biggest contributing factor to implement Chatbot online rather than relying entirely on live chat alone would be minimizing the likelihood of black swan events by excluding the human factor in the whole value chain. Need I remind you that most PR nightmares are developed from emotional and anger mismanagement during crisis situations which resulted in permanent brand damages; the employment of Chatbots mitigates such risk which no amount of money can replace.

chatbot malaysia

Chatbots vs. Live Chat: Instant Gratification for the Customer      

Running a business is all about managing customers’ expectations, so it all boils down to how well the solution at hand can meet such requirements. Here are some common scenarios contrasting between the more conventional live chat and chatbots to the end consumers:

  • Most people are not willing to be on hold with a customer service representative for more than one minute as consumers expect an efficient interaction and not spend time waiting unnecessarily. Remember the last time you were put on hold for 15 minutes and the annoyance that came with it? Yep.
  • The response is instantaneous with Chatbot and there is no such thing as having to wait for an agent to come online due to queue or time zone complications. Chatbots reply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Customized experience according to each unique customer. Chatbots are capable of pairing conversational data with each customer’s profile to enhance the entire experience that is unique to the specific customer. It’s like your own butler that doesn’t age.

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Chatbots in Malaysia: A Well-Timed Love Affair

As major institutions start adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation, most Malaysians will find exposure to Chatbots irreplaceable as it serves as a middle ground between automation and AI. Chatbots are going to transmogrify the way individuals and institutions doing online business with extreme effectiveness. The Chatbots of the future will not just respond to questions, they filter, process, and communicate. They provide analytics and draw insights from the wealth of information obtained from their uninterrupted operation. They forge meaningful relationships with customers, a quirk that is even more essential in Malaysia given the extensive use of Bahasa Rojak here.

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