SEO Malaysia | 3 Actionable Ways to Get More Traffic From Google

SEO Malaysia : 3 Actionable Ways to Get More Traffic From Google

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3 Actionable Ways to Get More Traffic From Google

When it comes to search engines, Google is still king.

In fact, the search engine retains nearly 80% of the market share, and keeps growing. It makes sense that businesses focus largely on Google when it comes to driving traffic to their sites. The challenge they face is figuring out new strategies for making that happen.

It may be tempting to opt for PPC over organic SEO. There are certainly times when that’s a valid decision. However, when you consider that PPC search results only receive 15% of all traffic, it’s usually a better idea to opt for strategies that result in more traffic organically like the following ones.

Right now, you don’t have to struggle even though you do not have a better search engine marketing company in helping you to build up more traffic coming from the search engine, here are the 3 Actionable Ways that get the help you to generate more traffic to your website through Google search engine. Besides, click on the article link if you would like to understand more about the basics of SEO you should know.

SEO Services in Kuala Lumpur MY

Consolidate Posts That Use The Same Keywords

Have you ever done a test search of some relevant keywords and found that you had a content ranking on Google’s page one as well as on subsequent pages?

At first thought, that might seem like a good thing. You may think, “Great! If I don’t catch folks on page one, I can still grab their attention on page two or three.” Unfortunately, that ’s not how things work.

The truth is, CTR drops significantly once you get past page one. In fact, at the bottom of the first page one, it’s only about 3%. That second and third-page content probably isn’t doing much for you. It may even be competition for that high-value, page one content.

Sometimes the best thing to do is allow one lower performing piece of content to sacrifice itself, There are a few options you have. The best depends on your exact situation. First, consider the overall value of the content in question. Is it ranking well with other keywords? Is it earning conversions regardless of low CTR? Have you given it enough chance to gain traction?

If the answer to these questions is yes, it may be time to make that sacrifice. You can use a simple 301 redirect to push traffic clicking on the page 2 link to your page one post.

Try To Rank For Google’s Featured Snippets

Who was the last Czar of Russia? How do I replace my social security card? How do I make a flaky pie crust? These varied questions have something in common.

If you search for them in Google, you may be able to find the answers you’re searching for at the top of page one, before you even see the paid and organic search results.

This is called a featured snippet. Basically, if Google believes that one of your pages provides a clear, relevant, and credible answer to a question, it will take a snippet of that page, and place it at the top of page one. Not only that, Google will provide a link to your page at the end of the snippet.

The good news is that you don’t need to be an SEO pro to take advantage of featured snippets. On the other hand, you do need to create rock solid, quality content to put yourself in the running.

This starts with creating content that answers very specific questions. Have a narrow focus, and understand the types of questions your audience will be asking. Keep in mind that broad, generic questions aren’t what you’re aiming for. If Google selects featured snippets for those, it will likely be answered by a large site such as Wikipedia.

So, rather than answering the question, when did the cold war end, you might have better luck answering the question: “Which American Journalist first announced the reunification of Germany?”.

Once you have identified a question to answer, create a post that does so thoroughly. Then, back your answers up. Provide links to credible sources. Use the question that you want to be featured for in your content.

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Create Content That People Will Link To

Earned links have a lot of credibility with Google. They are an indication that your content is trusted and authorative.

To create linkable content, think like a blogger. They have their own message to get out. They also know that they have to link to trustworthy, respected, and authoritative content. In other words, they aren’t linking to random blogs and articles.

The best way to earn these links is to create content that is an extraordinarily valuable resource. This might be how to guides, video tutorials, white papers, podcasts, or question and answer sessions. Whatever content format you select, the idea is to dig in deep and provide content that is informative and relevant enough that it is seen as a valuable resource.

The great thing about these strategies is that you can roll up your sleeves and get to work on them right away. After all, the sooner you get started, the sooner you can begin to earn those front page Google rankings, and links that are guaranteed to drive more organic traffic to your website.


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