Malaysia Social Media Influencer Marketing Strategy: The Pros and Cons

Marketing Influencer Implementation

Feeling bored over traditional marketing strategies? Malaysia’s online marketing campaigns have grown since the .com boom. Recently social media influencer marketing has taken center stage as one of the most effective marketing strategies. But can social media influencers in malaysia really make a difference?

Marketing influencer can drive to an importance in boosting organizations interest in gaining potential customer from building relationship with an influencer. On top of that, influencers’ placement of organization content and brands is usually being trusted by the viewer as their perspective in consumer to consumer consumption.

However, influencer marketing agency in Malaysia is also being popular in today’s’ strategy for organization to implement in digital marketing. It is a strategy of pushing advertisement of product and service offerings to consumer through social media influencers.

The Malaysia Social Media Influencer Marketing Landscape

Influencer marketing is one of a strategy used by organizations bypartnering with influencers; which are people with a large following on one or more media channels. This is the strategy used by organizations to promote their product or services offering.

However, this influencer can be an actual celebrity endorser or perhaps simple admired figures within media channels of choices such as; You Tuber stars or Instagram models.

The principals behind of influencer Marketing Malaysia is not new as many organizations is been using celebrity endorsement for decades. The reasons behind this strategy are due to the effectiveness ways of transforming public affection to be notable and form memorable impressions.

Organization that prompt in using influencer can effectively manage all the dollars spent; as influencer marketing leverage on both prior work and media channels in terms of gaining attention from influencers’ organic fans. Besides that, inherent power of each media aid organizations to reach wider exposure of target audiences by the platform the influencers’ actives on.

Percentage of consumer tend to trust advertising format

According to Nielson (2015), stated that there are approximately 83% of consumers tend to trust recommendations from fellows consumers such as; family, friends, and colleagues over paid traditional advertising.

This shows that, one organizations could not immediately make friends with thousands of customer or millions to gain their attention, but with influencer marketing Malaysia aid allows even a start-up businesses go gain more target audiences than other organizations then does not adapt new strategy or changes according to the society.

However, organization can make friends with with an influencer to achieve getting one too many consumers. In additions, organizations can align their brand with influencer to position and place product and services in front-line network. This enables to create brand awareness and trustable recommendations from trusted fans’ of the influencer.

Advantages of Using Social Media Influencer Marketing Strategies

  1. No ad Blockers

Using influencer marketing can prevents and ad blockers application installed by consumer in media advertising. The reason is that, consumer tend to be interested in influencers’ content placement instead of traditional medias annoyance.

Influencing marketing Malaysia provides the success of result in an “editorial” content placement is not affected towards ad blockers.

This creates an opportunity for organization to reach out their offerings to the audiences in attracting their attentions.

  1. Reach Unreachable Segments

In traditional media advertisement could not fulfill organizations vision in targeting a wider demographic and a psychographic segment due to the ineffectiveness of traditional media exposure rate is limited.

On top of that, some consumer does not use media such as; Television, Radio, Magazine (Printed Ads) or reading Newspaper. Majority of consumer is being consumed by their mobiles which drive their interested in different area.

With the use of influencer marketing, organization does not have to worry of reaching unreachable segments, as influencer has various media channels that enable to attract audiences from different platforms.

  1. Secondary Effects

With the partnership of influencer, the placement of content itself may be newsworthy, generating organic information which gives public relation the coverage of both offline and online.

The second effects are the impact of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that benefits from influencer marketing agency in Malaysia to form an anchor link.

This effect that attracts audiences gives audiences to have intention and interests to put initiative in using (SEO) to look for more information regarding organizations’ offering. It is also considered as pull marketing.

Risks of Influencer Marketing

  1. Brand Damage Occurs from Influencer Scandal

In this context, brand offering of an organization is bound to influencers’ characteristics, behavioral and attitudes to the environment. In fact, if a scandal happens towards the influencer cooperating with; it will cause brand damages to the organization and it is considered the worst scenario.

  1. Feed on your Brand

Organization shall consider selecting appropriate influencer because an influencer may use the opportunity in organization helping to inflate their influencer’s standing point and legitimacy by becoming their sponsor.

This means organization pays them to increase them fame instead of aiding organizational in building awareness to the customers.

Is Influencer Marketing Worth It?

Influencer marketing Malaysia is similar towards celebrity endorsement-based marketing which it is a gamble for organization to implement the strategies. Besides that, in many cases, influencer marketing pays off; but when one organization tends to use influencer marketing as their strategies, it is recommendable for organization to prepare in damaged control as precautions.

The best of an organization implementation is to be familiar with regulatory environment to understand influencers’ mess that may affects the branding. It is important to understand more on influencers’ marketing space and issued may arise during engagement with the audiences which is potentially worthwhile and uniquely risky in marketing channels.

If there is uncertainty and insecure thoughts of establishing influencer marketing Malaysia strategy, feel free to CONTACT US.


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