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SEO Packages in Malaysia: Pros and Cons of SEO

Pros of SEO Malaysia

In this current business world, many associations are trying to contend in this extremely competitive market more often than not find themselves facing a dilemma on their digital marketing campaign, which comprehensive on deciding which strategy is appropriate and which particular tools to make use of and focus on.

As so many organization marketing creative’s have asked;

“Is SEO in Actual Fact Valuable Strategy for Business?”

“Is It Significant To Invest The Time And Resources?”

“Which SEO Packages Do We Need?”

Should you outsource SEO in Malaysia?

In this article, digital marketing Malaysia is presenting the purpose of SEO Malaysia in-depth impression of the Pros and Cons. Besides that, this will serve as a guide to aid business owners to be more knowledgeable to augment their digital marketing campaign.

Free Flow of Targeted Traffic

Source adapted from Smart Insight

1. Free Flow of Targeted Traffic

According to Carolanne Mangles (2018), stated that market share chart and the data acquired from Internet live stats show the number of daily searches on has to reach 3.5billion, which equates to 1.2trillion searches per year worldwide.

This shows that the number of people uses the internet search engine is increasing yearly which is almost immeasurable. Besides that, the interesting part is to note how far search engines have comes since 1999. On top of that, the Internet is moving at a quicker pace and the importance for the organization to keep up in order to be visible.

2. Business Exposure to Solution

In this context, the main reasons every individual uses the Internet is basically a search engine such as or to come across a solution to an instantaneous problem, matter or anxiety.

According to Carolanne Mangles (2018), stated that there are 74% to 75.5% organic results which use search engines within the last 30days.

SERP Feature History

Source Adapted from Smart Insight

On top of that, research has shown that up to 40% of users will eventually click on the first item on the result list which is the pay-per-click advertisement that organization paid to place their webpage on top of the first page to attract customer traffics.

Besides that, 70% to 80% of visitors usually tend to avoid or ignore paid advertisement and go for organic results which listed. These organic results are the webpage that are the most trustable and review based pages that automated rank them by their content.

Increased Traffic

In this context, placement or position in a search engine plays a critical role in the result pages as it takes delivery of a majority of impressions and clicks.

Besides that, to attain ranking in this top position can result in significant traffic which SEO focused on generate information and by means of relevant keywords.

This optimization of SEO allows an organization to appropriately apply on-page optimization and off-page optimization that is relevant to the companies offering.

Increased Site Usability

Search engine optimization (SEO) aids organization in making a website easier to navigate which simultaneously supports direction-finding to visitors who are looking for the solution of their problems.

In fact, SEO consists of reorganizing site’s structural design and links to within the data warehouse to have easiness in finding the content. Furthermore, this is not only to reduce complications for the search engine to crawl the organization website instead, making it easier to look for information on the webpage as well.

Cons of SEO Packages in Malaysia

Time taken SEO results

Results Take Time

For the organization to success in digital marketing tools is not a lie, in fact, it is only the central attention of establishing organization websites to achieve in getting a good grip and presences of organization offers in the search engines.

However, newly established businesses make take longer time taken to be eligible for generating SEO results. This process involves receiving organization content indexed by search engines which would take some time.

If an organization does not have these capabilities in implementing SEO, then SEO is not a good option for the organization to implement in generating a long-run result.

Risk of being Penalize

SEO is evolving in term of technology and strategy used to implement search engine optimizations. Google’s search algorithms fluctuate when it comes to updating.

In addition, many digital marketers have place attempt in pouring into their organization SEO campaign over the years, in fact, professional of SEO may come to waste and disintegrating literally overnight due to being penalized from the new revolutionize Google’s updated.

In actuality, as digital marketers, the effort that gone waste can be very painful experiences which the familiarity gain from establishing SEO swept away; leaving digital marketers to build from scratch one to regain organizational SEO stand.

Conclusion of SEO Malaysia

In end, what’s left of search engine optimization (SEO) is that they are the foundation of increasing the traffic of visitors to many organization websites and be part of organization overall digital marketing campaigns.

Besides that, the pros and cons presented in this article gave out a better insight of how an organization can leverage SEO in a better context, thus the choices is given to an organization whether to focus more efforts on SEO or maintain a better balance between SEO and other digital marketing tools which would aid in geared organization towards achieving greater results.

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