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Multi Channel Marketing

Multichannel is a powerful tool that allows your company or brand to interact with your customers using indirect and direct communication channels such as your website, your retail outlets, catalogs sent directly to the mailbox of your clients, newsletters, direct mail, promotional emails, mobile ads, etc. This allows your customers to take action by buying your product or requesting your services through the channel of their choice. In the most basic sense, multichannel marketing is giving your customers a choice on what platform they would like to interact with you.

Our Services

O2O – Online2Offline Strategies Creation

Cleverus consulting bridges the gap between online and offline marketing by providing our clients a holistic approach to engage their customers.

E-Commerce Solutions

Our e-commerce solutions are geared towards marketing our clients' products on various platforms to improve sales and conversions.

Online Advertising and Media Buying

Effective ad creation and ad placement to improve user engagement, and generate targeted traffic with high buying potential.

Partnerships Activation

We help our clients find reliable partners for content collaboration that is well suited to promote products and services under the same niche.

Affiliate Programs

We provide solutions to help clients integrate affiliate marketing to their existing campaigns to reduce marketing costs and improve leads.

Events Marketing

Event marketing allows our clients to improve user engagement as well as attract potential customers through events and social campaigns.

Why is Multichannel Marketing Important

With multichannel marketing, you can be where your customers are. Your customers use a variety of platforms to intearct and communicate. Providing different channels for your customers to interact and know your promotions is important.

The behavior of customers have changed over time. Now, they have much more control of the buying process than marketers do. This is mainly due to the proliferation of available marketing channels such as google, social media, email, or mobile. This boils down on how the customers what to get an information about a product or a service.

There are various ways to reach customers in terms of the number and the variety of channels available. Before all we have is radio, newspaper, mailbox, and retailing outlets. Now you can advertise online, look for affiliates to promote your products, etc. You can do both online and offline marketing too.

What are the Benefits of Mutichannel Marketing?


Increase Brand Awareness

Multichannel marketing is all about getting the maximum customer engagement. Having multiple platforms allows you to increase brand awareness and expand your reach. It gives your brand more exposure.


Consistent Messaging Across Different Platforms

Instead of having multiple marketing departments push out their own message and promotions, multichannel marketing allows you to offer consistent messaging all across different platforms. This prevents confusion and a smoother user experience for your clients.


Customer Channel Preference

You cannot reach all of your customers using a single platform. Multichannel marketing allows you to send them the right message on their preferred channel. This will help increase conversions as well as keep them in the loop with your latest promotions and packages.


Get More Data

Having multiple channels allows you to get more data. It also give you some insights on customer behavior and which channel do you get the most leads from.

Our Process

Integrate Marketing Departments

Understand Your Buyer

Establish Multichannel Platform

Create a Unified Experience

Measurement & Reporting

How can we help you?

We are experts in online and offline marketing. With years of experience on our backs, Cleverus Consulting can help you create a unified user experience all across different platforms. Reach out to your customer. Expand your reach and build a multichannel marketing platform that will not only help you promote your products and services but improve your brand reputation as well.

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