What Are the Common SEO Mistakes? [Tips from SEO Expert Malaysia]

What Are the Common SEO Mistakes? [Tips from SEO Expert Malaysia]

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Nowadays, every business owner must acknowledge the complexity of today’s marketplace that you are swimming in. For sure, launching and sustaining a successful marketing plan is tougher than you could imagine.

This is especially true as most of the webmaster, marketers and brands are trying to survive into this cold, ruthless and fast-changing digital world. If you want to promote your business on an online platform, you might think of using SEO services Malaysia, which consist of a variety of traffic generation techniques and multiply the revenue.

On the flip side, as infallible as we sometimes think we are, there are still many SEO experts Malaysia could commit some pretty hare-brained mistakes. This is no wonder many businesses unknowingly falling into the trap of incorrectly doing SEO. Instead of seeing a significant number of traffic and the soaring of conversion rates, yet the result didn’t come out as expected.

seo malaysia

The 5 Common SEO Mistakes by SEO Company Malaysia

Keep calm, you’re not alone on this matter. As much as the optimisation field is ever-evolving, some of the practices are still relevant, while others could be harmful in the long run. Let’s review the top 5 common mistakes made by SEO company Malaysia.

1. Choosing the Wrong Keywords

When it comes to SEO, it is all about optimising the keywords that you want your website to rank for. Keywords are and always be important of SEO aspect. The question here, are you choosing the right ones?

This one of the BIG mistakes made by the SEO agencies is failed to use and optimise proper keywords, which lead them to rank for different keywords or key phrases that do not lead to any profitable outcomes.

The reason is simple – many of those claimed ‘SEO expert’ tend to skip the keyword research process, which is essential to SEO marketing. You are highly recommended using Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush that could immensely help you put the finger on the pulse of trending and adequate keywords.

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2. Using Keyword Stuffing

With the new update of Google Search Engine, keyword stuffing technique is no longer relevant in boosting your website ranking. If you’re an SEO insider, you definitely know that this strategy couldn’t be more wrong than it was.

Moreover, Google is employing a special semantic search called Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) that could recognise the topic of your content. By going the extreme way of using keyword stuffing can be registered as spam by the search engine, which means it would hurt your SEO performance terribly.

This is why keyword stuffing or excessive repetition of intended keywords are strictly not suggested as this approach could make your content look unnatural and irrelevant for its intended audience.

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3. Poor Internal Link Structure

As your website continually increasing in size with all of the splendid content, you are bound to encounter some basic internal linking errors. Besides, internal linking structures are often being overlooked by webmaster, which serve one of the most valuable functions in an effective SEO strategy.

The purpose of internal linking is a method of giving your content visibility as well as create additional traction. Here are the five valuable functions of internal links for your website:

  • Spreading authority to webpages that hidden on your site.
  • Providing clear pathways to conversion pages.
  • Communicating your most significant webpages to search engine crawlers.
  • Allowing additional reading or interactive material for uses to consume on your site.
  • Organising the webpages that categorically by keyword-optimised anchor text.best seo company malaysia

As a general rule of thumb, avoid from including internal links just for the sake of having them in an article if they don’t fit with the topic. And don’t overly add more than two clicks away from the homepage or a CTA landing page.


4. Poor Quality Content

Again, you probably might hear this statement before, content still is the king and vital in the SEO strategy. Content is what makes you stand out from the rest and help to position your brand in the marketplace that defines your value proposition.

Obviously, thin content and plagiarised content are something that you should be avoided if you want to create high-quality content. An excellent example of quality and shareable content is:

  • Blog posts
  • Informational checklists
  • Video tutorials
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Q&A section

The more content you could appeal to your audience, they are more likely to follow your brand and visit your site. Apparently, a search engine just loves the website that well-equipped with SEO structure and audiences want the solution for their problem, just like you are reading this article for a better insight. By putting these two together, you are on the right track to success!

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5. Slow Responsive & Non-Mobile-Friendly Experience

How fast is your website loading? How about your website’s mobile-friendly experience? SEO optimisation is more than about keywords and content. It’s all about the quality of your website, especially its performance on mobile devices, which are the user’s favourite choice today.

Thus, you need to pay more attention to this matter as website speed, and user experience does matter more than you could think of. If you haven’t considered of providing a smooth and seamless mobile experience for your audience, don’t be surprised if you are rating was jeopardised by the search engine. This goes the same for your website’s loading speed! Improving these aspects inevitably will have a significant impact on your website’s bounce rates and conversion rates.

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Final Thought

If you are expecting to take your game to the next level, you must understand how SEO actually works in generating a massive amount of traffic to the website. If you already have a head start to work on SEO marketing, that’s great! If you haven’t, Cleverus is the One of the best SEO company in Malaysia as featured on Trusted Malaysia, we could be the solution that you have been looking for to strive for success in the search engine!

Nevertheless, everyone is susceptible to mistakes in their craft, and one of the practical ways to rectify is to consult the best practices of SEO Malaysia. These 5 common errors have proven to be quite widespread. So, do yourself a big favour and start amending the aspect that would potentially hurt your ranking, or Contact Us now so we could have a word or two about your SEO strategy.



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