TikTok for Business in 2023: How to Adapt That for a Successful Business

How to Use TikTok Business in 2023

How to Use TikTok Business in 2023

TikTok is a video-sharing application where you can upload short clips and share them directly with friends or followers. In addition, you can add other features such as stickers, filters, text overlays, and music or voice recording. It was initially launched in China, and on July 2023, TikTok has approximately 1 billion monthly active user accounts worldwide.  Did you know that you can adapt TikTok business strategy into your business?

It ranks 7th among all social media platforms for the number of monthly active user accounts, ahead of others that were around much longer than TikTok, such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. Tiktok is expected to reach 1.5 billion by 2023. If you’re not already using TikTok to market yourself or your products, consider doing so now. If you haven’t yet begun using TikTok for business, now is the perfect opportunity. Here is how to use TikTok for your business in 2023.


TikTok Business Strategy 1: Build An Audience For TikTok Business Account


TikTok had an immense effect on social media, especially among teens. In 2019 alone, it generated over $1.3 Billion in advertising revenue. The issue now is how to build TikTok followers for your brand. There are many ways you can use TikTok for branding purposes. Business owners can upload their unique video clips to attract new followers. 

With the ability to upload multiple videos daily, you can quickly grow your TikTok business accounts. You also can hire a professional videographer to shoot your clip and upload it to TikTok. Although these options may cost some money, they will likely pay off in the end. Share tips and tricks for making audiences happy, asking questions, and offering solutions to problems. 

Not only will you build credibility among customers, but you’ll also gain invaluable insights into your audience’s needs and desires. Curious about how you could find out if something is popular before you ever check it out? Use the Discover page! You can search any word in the search box and get back an array of related results. 

For example, typing in “journalism” returns a list of topics, people, and places relating to journalism. Want to know the TikTok user that has the most followers? Type in “followers,” and you’ll see a list of those who’ve amassed the most likes. Don’t worry; you won’t be bombarded with irrelevant information. Every single result on the Discover page is curated just for you.


TikTok Business Strategy 2: Find Influencers in TikTok to Promote Your Brand

Influencer marketing promotes brands through influential individuals such as celebrities or public figures. These individuals are called influencers because they influence others in their community to take action. It helps build awareness and generate interest for your brand. These influencers gain exposure and followers by promoting your brand, helping them increase their reputation and reach. 

Once you identify your target audience, connect with relevant influencers and get started promoting! TikTok has been used by many brands, companies, and influencers to promote their products or services, including themselves. For example, celebrities like James Charles have used this platform to promote his makeup line with his unique style and personality, which has helped him build massive followers on the app.

You can use TikTok to get people interested in your business by sharing videos promoting your product or service. People who use TikTok tend to trust brands that create quality content. And since 71% of TikTokters say they’ve purchased from brands that make quality content, it makes sense that they would be interested in purchasing from similar brands. After all, 71% of TikTokers say they’ve made purchases after seeing brand content in their feeds. 


TikTok Business Strategy 3: Spend on Promote to Grow Your TikTok audience

Promote is a TikTok app marketing tool that may assist you in increasing the visibility of your videos, driving more traffic to your website, and growing your fan base. Like Facebook Boost, TikTok Promote is a tool for targeting TikTok users with advertisements. 

It allows influencers, companies, and artists to publish and reach a larger audience. This tool can assist you in growing your TikTok community by connecting with other audiences that share your interests straightforwardly and affordably. 

Suppose you like to reach a larger audience with your business or product; set More Views as your target when starting a TikTok campaign. This goal will raise the number of people who watch your video, increasing the probability that your post and profile will receive more attention. You may use Promote to lead people straight to your website. If this is your campaign’s goal, select More Website Visits. 

When setting up your advertisement, you will like a call to action (CTA) button and enter the URL of your website. Choose More Followers if your primary objective is to grow your TikTok community and to follow. Growing your audience may also help you achieve other goals, such as improving engagement if you focus on those who are fascinated by your brand.


TikTok Business Strategy 4: Know When to Post on TikTok


While there is no single answer about the best times to publish videos on TikTok, one factor you should consider is deciding what day and hour to upload your video. For example, suppose you’re uploading a video to compete against others sharing videos. In that case, you’ll want to avoid uploading your video during peak viewing times. 

If you intend to publish a video to promote an upcoming event, you might consider doing so during the weekdays so that people aren’t too busy watching it. Experimenting with different dates and hours can help you determine what’s working best for your brand. 

Once you’ve found something that’s working, stick with it! If something isn’t working, don’t be afraid to modify it. You may not get immediate results, but if you keep trying new things, eventually, you’ll hit upon something that does work.


Applying All The Methods For Your TikTok Business Now!


Now that you’ve gotten all the essentials down pat, it’s time to implement those methods and build your business account TikTok followers. Start with a strong profile, defined target audiences, and a solid plan for what kind of videos you will make. Businesses may gain valuable insights into what content works and what doesn’t by understanding the data underpinning how users interact with the app. 

TikTok may be a difficult nut to crack for marketers. It is where analytics can help. Don’t expect to succeed overnight; building an engaged community around your product or service takes time. But if you do everything right, you could become the next big thing on TikTok. 

TikTok is one of the apps that use digital marketing to promote products and brands. Check out Cleverus to know more about digital marketing strategy! Contact us on our main line at +603 9054 3113 or email us at [email protected] if you have any inquiries!


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