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Onlline Marketing Strategy

Before going into the details of online marketing, it is important to understand the different strategies and marketing tools available to create a good online marketing strategy and how will if affect an online business in Malaysia. Basically, online marketing is called internet marketing or online advertising which any strategy tool or method is used to represents company brand to the market. However, advertisements can obtain many different forms and strategies focus on restrained messages instead matching up to clear-cut commercial. For an online business, such as Malaysia online shopping sites, creating......

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People tend to confuse between online marketing and digital marketing. Many people say that online marketing and digital marketing is the same. Yes, it is true, in certain angle online marketing can be view as digital marketing as both of it are utilizing the or Internet platform to conduct marketing activities. However, both are different in nature. Online marketing is categorized as the subset of digital marketing. Whereas digital marketing is the broad defined category, digital marketing doesn’t rely on just online, but both online and offline marketing method is complimenting each......

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