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What you Need to Know About Influencer Marketing in Malaysia

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Malaysia influencer marketing is a form of marketing campaign used to enhance brand awareness and expand the reach of the company though collaboration with influencers. In the past, influencer marketing was not a common marketing strategy for SMEs and the reach is quite limited. It is often viewed as an impossible option for small businesses due to the associated costs of collaborating with a celebrity.

With the growth of internet and the existence of social media platforms, influencer marketing became an effective tool in building brand awareness and loyalty. This is due to the border-less structure of the world wide web where anyone and everyone can directly interact. On top of that, it gave an opportunity for common individuals to become influencers. This is especially true with social networking sites. These sites provide a platform where influencers can easily interact with their followers.

Based on the Statista (2018), the daily time spent by internet users on social networking sites is gradually increasing. From 90 minutes, based on 2012 date to 135 minutes per day based on 2017 data.

influencer marketing in malaysia

According to Malaysia Digital Association (2016),  out of the total population in Malaysia (31.5 million), 68.5% (21 million) are internet users and this number is still increasing. Based on the figures, almost all users have access to at least one of the top social network sites. That’s around 20.6 million users.

The statistics above shows an attractive figure which can be used to explain why the influencer marketing is important. In this competitive environment where everyone have access to the Internet, adding influencer marketing to your existing digital marketing campaigns can significantly improve ROI.

The Best Influencer Marketing in Malaysia Service is more Powerful than you Expect

Unlike before, celebrities can now influence their followers more effectively. The trend of marketing is slowly shifting towards social media platforms such as the Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more.

One of the reasons why influencer marketing is effective is because of the interactivity that you get from social networking sites. These platforms allow not only customers but as well as businesses to interact directly with other businesses through commenting, sharing, liking or by sending a personal message. Through collaboration with influencers, companies can gain a much bigger following, reach out to more users and gain more clients.

It is important to note that influencer marketing needs to have a solid strategy. If you cannot manage your campaigns well, it will be like a roller coaster ride where you go up very fast and slide down very fast as well. The strategy and the implementation needs to be consistent and the process needs to be streamlined to maintain a good social media standing.

You don’t Pay as much Compared to Traditional Advertising

What you pay for influencer marketing is just the incentive or the payment to the celebrity or the influencer to vouch for your product on social media or on their blog. It is not like advertising on air or creating print ads where high production costs are involved. Additionally, the cost per influencer is relatively low since there are a lot of social media users that has a good following and can be consider as influencers in their respective fields. Currently, Malaysia alone, have a total of 12.75 million of Facebook users according to Statista. Among those users, there are thousands of social media influencers. Since the supply is high and because of the competition, the cost of collaborating with an influencer is relatively low. Check out our recent article on the “Importance of Social Media Influencers in Malaysia“.

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Influencer marketing also allows you to improve your ROI by delivering the message directly to your target audience. You may have TVC or print ad operations, however it doesn’t mean your message will effectively reach your target audience. With influencer marketing you can increase your reach for a specific niche to target your audience rather than relying on just one platform to communicate your product.

People Trust what Others Say NOT what Ads Say

Today, people tend to have trust issues with scripted advertising. Most flyers, TV ads and other forms of print ads are salesy and most people ignore them. In the past there were a lot of false advertisements and though policies are implemented to regulate such ads, people do not usually forget that easily.

Moreover, with the substantial information available on the Internet, users tend to search or gather more information first by checking reviews and feedback from other customers or clients before they signup for a service or buy a product. One of the easiest way to gather information is through social media.

Influencers are the multiplicating factor. By just getting one influencer to collaborate with you,  you get to show your message to thousands of his loyal followers. That is the main reason why the influencer marketing through social media platforms become popular. Consumer believe that the message they see posted by an influencer on social media is more credible especially if the product is vouched for by a celebrity. These individuals would not usually endorse a poor product or service since their name is at stake.

It’s not just Followers, Malaysia Influencers Offer More

Keep in mind that the getting the followers of these celebrities on social media to convert is not the only reason why you want to launch an influencer marketing campaign. Associating your brand name with a famous influencer can significantly improve brand awareness. The more popular the influencer is, the greater the following thus the wider your reach allowing you to get your name out there. However, keep in mind that famous influencers usually charge more or will only collaborate with you if it is mutually beneficial.

Influencer marketers in Malaysia usually have a strategy in place that will not only help companies look for influencers but also allow companies to build relationship with influencers on their respective industries. Each influencer will have his or her own specialty and the closer the influencer’s specialty with your niche, the better prospects you can get. The goals and image of the influencer should also align well with the brand’s image and goals.

Relying on a single influencer is good, but relying on 2 or 3 more is better. Collaborating with more social media influencers will allow you to have a wider reach. The same holds true with social media platforms. An influencer having three active social media accounts is better compared to an influencer with only one active account. This will multiply the effect of reaching your audience.

These are some of the things that you should know about influencer marketing. If you want to know more about influencer marketing Malaysia, feel free to CONTACT US. Cleverus is a full-scale digital marketing agency in Malaysia providing services such as SEO and Online Reputation Management.