How Chatbot Malaysia Changes The Way People Do Business

How Chatbot Changes The Way People Do Business

How Chatbot Changes The Way People Do Business

In the past, the familiar mode of instant customer service would be in the form of telephony service. Remember that catchy 75-525-25 number that appeared in Malaysia’s television ad? That would be the best option available when you are craving for pizza.

Till this day, the telephony system is still important due to its simplicity, especially for the older generations. On the other hand, Malaysian mobile phone users are also one of the highest in the region and most of these users have mobile internet. With the mode of business quickly shifting into e-commerce, the demand for rapid and efficient customer service is on the rise.

Many companies have adopted live chat service in their business. Just like conventional telephone helpline, one of the key challenges of live chat support would be the waiting time to reach a dedicated customer service representative. To eliminate the frustration of long waiting time, artificial intelligence (AI) can help to get some of the jobs done.

Human Versus Chatbot

Before live chat was adapted into the business world, it used to be just the most common way of communicating online. An early form of robots was used in chatrooms to help the moderators. Most of the time, these bots were preprogrammed with limited functions. They were typically not able to learn or evolve and they would only respond based on certain predefined keywords or commands.

One of the first chatbots was created in 1966 known as ELIZA which lays the foundation for the structures of chatbots, such as keywords, specific phrases, and preprogrammed responses. Fast forward to the present time, the chatbot Malaysia is an essential part of e-commerce. While live chats can be handled by both chatbots and humans, chatbots are often on the first line to respond to any queries. The beauty behind a chatbot is the efficiency in responding immediately and “someone” is always going to be there to help.

Before real help is needed, the chatbot can simply take over the tasks of answering simple queries such as providing instructions, minor troubleshooting and searching information. Most advanced chatbots are capable of learning and provide an advanced level of assistance. If the keyword or question inputs are specific and clear, some powerful chatbots could easily get the problem solved without any human intervention. They also serve as a good backup during off days and holidays when humans are not around to help.

Is Chatbot Just A Gimmick?

In the business perspective, chatbots should help to ease the workload of human operators effectively.  There are many simple issues that can be handled by the chatbots alone while human operators can continue to deal with more complex issues. AI technologies should not be underestimated and less manpower is needed if good chatbot system is being implemented.

Customers will feel less frustrated if their queries or problems could be attended immediately. As mentioned earlier on the previous topic, human operators are not necessarily needed to attend customers on live chat. Chatbots will work along with human operators and collect basic information before issues can be escalated. In return, human operators can also deal with more cases per day as chatbots will serve as the primary filter for simple problem-solving. Nowadays, it is common for Malaysia businesses to adopt chatbots as part of their customer service platform and aftersales support.

The chatbot is certainly not a gimmick if it is being implemented well. If your chatbot is not able to cope with simple queries such as greeting a customer, then it is time to reconsider a new vendor.

Chatbots: Nothing But The Finest

Each company should have its own dedicated chatbot system. It is still politically correct to place the customers first and they would always be right. We are talking about real issues and experiences that customers might face and the very first thing they will do is to look for help on the internet. Who knows on a Sunday morning when no humans are working and a customer wants to get help immediately, the chatbot is ever ready to solve their problems immediately.


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