Hire a Web Designer or Do it Yourself? [Here Are the Reasons Why]

Hire a Web Designer or Do it Yourself? [Here Are the Reasons Why]

Hire a Web Designer or Do it Yourself? [Here Are the Reasons Why]

Any business that desires to be competitive in the online or offline market must have a professional website.

That goes without saying: the internet has become the leading resource for people looking for information, with researches related to business reasons representing a significant amount of the overall searches in the web.

In other words, the business that does not have a professionally created website might face the risk of losing a huge part of its potential clients. We have an article that discussed the importance of website design for online business, you’ll get a better idea there.

Hire a web designer or do it yourself

Your website will be the first glance – and sometimes the only thing that your prospect sees when they are seeking your products or services.

What first impression are they getting when they visit your website? Does the website properly represent your business?

Without any necessary skills, experience and knowledge that the professional web designers could bring to the table, a “do-it-yourself” can be disastrous for your brand and business, and ultimately costing thousands of dollars in lost business.

In fact, many people still do not realise how web design could play an integral role in the business, nor do they see the aftermath of a poorly constructed site may cause to the business.

Why Do You need to Hire a Professional Website Designer?

1. Your Website is Your Business

Usually, your website will be the first thing that your customers will see before calling you.

Therefore, having a professional and functional website will give an excellent first impression to your customers.

Professional website designer

Having a professional web designer definitely helps you to understand the business needs and to design an impressive website that accurately portrays your brands in the digital maps.

2. Increase Web Traffic

Besides, having a professional website that people can easily find, is vital in growing your business.

hiring a web designer

A well-performing website will create a strong presence on the search engines, which means more customers are visiting your website. It is just simple math – more online traffic, more incoming sales!

So, a professional web design agency who knows the proper SEO techniques will help your website to excel in the search engines and increase the number of visitors to your websites.

3. Branding and Visibility

Nowadays, many businesses have trouble standing out in the ultra-competitive advertising world. Indeed, behind the most successful businesses, there are strong storytelling strategies.

Even a great looking website that is not supported by a strong marketing strategy eventually will be a pain in the arse for your business.

hiring a web developer

Your website needs to fall in line with your overall marketing strategy and should complement your advertising channels.

Therefore, a professional web designer can align your traditional marketing with an online presence to solidify your online reputation and brand across multiple platforms and channels.

So, Do You Need to Hire a Website Designer?

If you have made it this far, you might be wondering whether or not you need to hire a web designer, given that much of the process is now made easy through site builders and plugin and other software that weren’t around in the past decade. Here is a useful article for you if you would like to understand how to build a website from scratch.

The answer is – it depends on a few factors:

1. What is Your Main Goal?

Are you trying to establish a web company that you could sell for a million dollar or just a something to keep you occupied as a hobby?

Hire a website designer

If you seriously want to build a company, then you might consider the expertise of someone who has the experiences and skills to help you to reach the goal.

2. What’s Your Budget?

It may sound a little cliché, but your budget needs to be featured in this decision. If you have just launched the business, it’s not savvied to save money on marketing and web presence.

cost of hiring web designer

3. What Can You Do by Yourself?

It is essential to take a look at the things that you can’t achieve without a web designer. For instance, do you need custom graphics or animation or logos that you can’t do it by yourself?

Ask yourself: “If I download Photoshop, would I be able to achieve anywhere near the quality of a professional could?” Sadly, the answer would be a big NO! Feel free to CONTACT US if you would like to understand more about how a web designer can benefit your website overall. 


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