The 4 Deadliest Facebook Marketing Strategy Mistakes to Avoid [2019]

The 4 Deadliest Facebook Marketing Strategy Mistakes to Avoid [2019]

facebook marketing strategy mistakes

No doubt, Facebook indeed can be a powerful online marketing strategy, especially for the businesses and marketers to promote and increase their business brand awareness rigorously.

Asides from its large active user-base, one of the key reasons is why Facebook is a powerful and versatile platform for marketers is the time spent by online users on Facebook.

facebook marketing strategy mistakes

According to the study, the majority of the Facebook users are spending on average 40 minutes per day in total on the platform in a burst of 2 to 5 minutes increments. That’s sound a little insane, right?

However, if your business is on Facebook, it is essential to keep up with the latest trend to stay relevant in this rat-race world. Facebook has always kept on evolving, and new trends in digital marketing arise. Therefore, using outdated tactics won’t get you far in the competition.

Here are the deadliest common mistakes in Facebook marketing that you need to avoid, in letting your brand shine on your audience’s news feeds.

4 Common Mistakes in Facebook Marketing Ideas

Mistake 1: Wrong Targeted Audience

If you are marketing to the lump of 2 billion users on Facebook, you are not exactly making the most out of your marketing efforts. Thus, before getting into Facebook marketing, you should first do a proper business market research.

Regardless of whatever business or industry you are in, researching and finding out who your targeted audience is one of the primary social media marketing strategies. Understanding your audience as a brand is just as important as knowing what you want them to do.

You need to discover who your audience really is – what kind of solution that you can offer them, where their location, interest and more. Armed with this data, you can easily target on Facebook with surgical precision.

With proper knowledge of your targeted audience along with Facebook’s advanced targeting, you will put your ads in front of the people who are willing to engage and make the purchase.

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Mistake 2: Too Focused on Self-Promotion

Social media for brands should be about creating a mutual conversation and a community that promotes the brand’s lifestyle. It is not about spamming the people recklessly with ads for their products.

There’s gone the early days of web marketing when users were not savvy enough to understand they were reading the good content or when they were being sold. You have to provide a value to the community if you intended to get anything out of it.

Instead of reaching the right people, many businesses merely focus on marketing the products and not provide the value or information that they are looking for.

To become a page where you want the people to like and engage with, you need to be more innovative in figuring out what they want and offered back to them.

If you become too promotional, it is not a surprise if you get from “Likes” into Dislikes” real soon. Take a more humane approach in engaging your visitors and emphasis on value rather than flooding them with deals and discounts. Just keep it balanced and do not overwhelm your audience.

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Mistake 3: Ignoring Negative Feedback

No matter what your industry is and how good of the work you do, negative feedback on social media is inevitable.

Some larger brands are turning into a blind eye and thinking that by merely ignoring or deleting the negative comments won’t do any harms. This might seem like a more natural way out, but in fact, it only does more damage than good.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to address all the negative feedback adequately. Be professional and authentic.

A robotic or automated response may work initially, but people will realise the pattern and pick up the insincerity from the answer in no time. So, make it personal!

Every smart businessperson must know how to turn the dire situation into an opportunity by responding it with a thoughtful and prompt reply to indicate that you are committed to the highest customer satisfaction.

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Mistake 4: Not Paying to Play

Frankly speaking, brands can’t market or fully reach to one’s audience without paying. To get more eyes on your content, you must be willing to pay for the Facebook ads.

As a business, you can still have success in growing your business with Facebook without paid ads, but you can’t just publish your content and expect it to flood with organic traffic the next day.

Then, this is where the paid ads and boosting post come into play. By paying Facebook to boost your post, you could guarantee more eyeballs on it and more achieved more engagement on your content and brand.

On top of that, take into consideration how much money you need to spend on increasing the reach and what kind of return of investment that you are expected to get.

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To Sum Up – Facebook Best Practices for Business

Needless to say, Facebook has become the de facto social hub for just about everything on the web. Thus, it is essential for every small business to be able to harness the full power of Facebook or else get ready to be left behind by those who genuinely get social media marketing.

Take out a few minutes and plan your strategies. Always update yourself and tweak the current Facebook marketing strategies accordingly. To position your brand most plausibly, make sure that you did avoid these deadliest Facebook marketing mistakes as mentioned above.

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Need Help in Getting Stuff Done?

For whatever your strategy is, there are different ways to approach and get the best from Facebook. You also can consult with Cleverus before taking a nosedive into the complicates world of Facebook marketing.