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brand consistency

Have you ever seen a billboard, advertisement, logo, or product and instantly knew which company was behind it?  The way our brains process and remember information is pretty remarkable. Brand consistency taps into the way the human brain works to help you achieve better results from your marketing campaigns.  Brand consistency is critical for several reasons – here are its seven top benefits.  1. It Makes Your Brand Easier to Recognize What’s the purpose of branding in the first place? One of the main goals of a branding campaign should be to......

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The relevance of online reputation management continues to increase for both small and medium enterprises, and there is no sign of slowing down soon. Brand reputation, whether bad or good, will follow your corporation for several years. A single non-satisfied customer can course the whole difference between a great financial year and a painful one. There is a huge correlation between corporation reputation and profitability. Therefore, you have to handle any issues relating to reputation management with the seriousness they deserve. Once you neglect your online reputation management and the reputation of......

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