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In the growing world of internet and online services, chatbots are deployed to serve the needs of customers. Chatbot in Malaysia is a computer program that converses with human customers to enlighten customer’s needs which could be in text or speech. They respond to the customer based on their database with predefined sentences after analyzing the input contents. A single chatbot is able to converse with multiple customers in parallel whereas multiple customer service personnel (CSR) is required to cater to multiple customers in a single instance. This trait is especially useful......

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The Latest Happening About Chatbot In Malaysia

Overview A recent survey conducted in the year 2018 by IDC (International Data Corporation) pointed out that current AI adoption rates have increased 6% across Southeast Asia as compared to just 8% last year. Industries that are most welcoming of the venture towards the adoption of AI Chatbot solutions are: banking manufacturing healthcare government Businesses are using chatbot solutions to address the business problem of arriving at improved business insight for their businesses. This is no mere coincidence, more businesses are moving their sales channels from brick-and-mortar to digital, hence the question......

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How Chatbot Changes The Way People Do Business

In the past, the familiar mode of instant customer service would be in the form of telephony service. Remember that catchy 75-525-25 number that appeared in Malaysia’s television ad? That would be the best option available when you are craving for pizza. Till this day, the telephony system is still important due to its simplicity, especially for the older generations. On the other hand, Malaysian mobile phone users are also one of the highest in the region and most of these users have mobile internet. With the mode of business quickly shifting......

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chatbot malaysia

We live in an era of technology where accessibility to information overload can prove to be quite detrimental at times especially to the uninitiated – users are presented with so much data that leave them confused. Excelling in the age of information abundance today will require a tailored approach; imagine if you could engage with the person with the exact answer to the question they have in mind. Enter Chatbots: An online solution created to chat like a human. Robot chat will help customers to find information pertaining to the services a......

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